Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Founder of Facebook Interviews George Bush

The interview.

It's easy to criticize the things that went wrong during the Bush administration, but it's hard to hear the truth about what actually went down during the last ten years, for some of us. It will probably bother some of you that GW is actually a decent guy, and this interview will most likely make that perspective more difficult.

The important principles that Bush stood for are also important to me. I disagree with Bush from a spiritual standpoint, but these differences don't supersede the more important individual principles that we have in common.

Individual liberty and freedom is a universal genetic trait, and eventually those that find it fashionable to deny this reality will end up in the trash heap of history with the rest of those who have extended the suffering of others by pretending that if we just try harder maybe life will be fair for everyone.

It's not, and it won't be. What is most fair is equal opportunity, not equal outcome.

And on that note I leave you with an astronomical phenomenon....

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Semi-Voluntary Hiatus Is Over.

I finally got a new laptop so I can start writing some more here at TmanInTN. I plan on returning shortly with a new face and a different font because a man just needs to change fonts every now and then. That's all I'm saying.