Saturday, February 23, 2008


Here's the full spread....PORK-OFF!!

Counter clockwise from the bottom we have Coconut Lime rice with Carribean pulled shoulder, the aforementioned Stuffed Roast Pork Loin and vegetables, Mo Bedda Hot Sauce MacnCheese, apple cider pork chops, and fried risotta balls.


2008 Inaugural Post Football Season Pork-Off!

Just because football season is over doesn't mean we can't still have a tailgate sized feast. My contribution to our first Pork-Off is the following...

Roast Stuffed Pork Loin-

I bought about 4 pounds of Pork loin, and it came wrapped in two big chunks. I took the string off and butterflied the meat, opening them up and then marinating them overnight in coffee and chili powder. The marinade suggestion is courtesy of my mom, the senior head chef of the family. Today I layered the inside with roasted red tomatoes, red bell pepper, and parmesan cheese. I took a knife and made slits in the roasts so I could fit slivers of garlic inside. I then wrapped the roasts in thin slices of Speck, which is a panceta-like deli meat, followed by a coating in Panko breadcrumbs. I put the whole roast on a bed of potatoes, onions and peppers with some fresh rosemary and thyme for flavor. Here it before I put it in the oven..

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why yes, I do speak Tequila...

And if you are looking for the greatest selection in town, Agave has it goin' on......

Politics anyone?

A McCain/Thompson ticket intrigues me. If I can't have it all with Fred, I'll take the best I can get.

Barack "come together" Obama? He wants to be a lion. But he's a lightweight and you know it.

Alexander the Great: "I would not fear a pack of lions led by a sheep, but I would always fear a flock of sheep led by a lion."

I want a candidate that picks up the reigns and points the most powerful flock of sheep the world has ever seen in the direction of prosperity and freedom.

If we elect a sheep for a leader, one who tries to make things "equal and mundane" we deserve what we get.

This election is like calling the Giants/Pats game..........No easy picks....

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Pulling Is Done

This Is Perfect Pork.

It fell apart like melted butter.

Time for eating and football, post-game/gorging wrap-up to follow...

20 Hours Later, Here Is Your 2008 Super Bowl Smoked Boston Butt...

Will have it pulled apart in about an hour or so. That's a fahkin' nice Butt dood!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Did someone say Super Bowl? Hmm. Maybe We Should Cook Something!

Yep, gonna do Tman's Smoked Ribs and Fin is doing his Chili recipe again too, this time with his special homemade habanero hot sauce, Mo' Bedda.

With thanks from Matt from DGDB&Demeco, we're gonna try smoking a couple of Boston Butts in honor of the Fahkin' Pats taking another run to the title. Win or lose, we're gonna eat well.
So far we've got some good cuts from Whole Foods, injected them with a mix of some apple cider vinegar, apple juice, honey, worcestershire, whisky and salt to taste. Covered them in rub and let them sit over night, and took them out this afternoon where they have now been in the smoker for about four and a half hours at around 230. We bought a remote temperature sensor this year to get the number right and so far we're doing well. Click on over to Buffalo Soldiers for some pictures...

Final set up will be tomorrow, and we'll let you know how they turned out.