Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thanks Anyways Titans, It Was A Fun Year.

Well, the improbable playoff run that the Titans have been a part of the last few weeks is officially over, as the Patriots came in and played mistake-free playoff caliber football for 60 minutes and ended the Titans chances for a post season, 40-23. Belichick had a little something extra for Jeff Fisher and Co. as he subbed in the immortal Vinny Testaverde for a late touchdown pass with under 2 minutes leading by 10 so Vinny could keep his consecutive season touchdown streak alive at -what is it- 87 years Vinny has been playing now? Ugh. A hearty fuck you too Belichick.

Not Vince's best game, but he didn't get much help from his receivers either. Plenty of blame to go around on this loss, starting with Reynaldo Hill in the secondary (why wasn't Finnegan playing in his spot?), and ending up with Vince just not getting it done. It will be interesting to see what happens in the offseason now that Vince has officially been welcomed in to the NFL. The Patriots exposed him a bit today and did a great job keeping him from scrambling.

Either way, I just want to say thanks to the Titans for a hell of a year. We haven't had a decent season in two years, and until Vince Young came in this year it didn't seem like things were going to change. I got to give it up to Vince for turning the season around and lighting a fire in the clubhouse. That kid is going to be some fun to watch for the next few years, and I have every reason to believe we'll get a few shots at some real playoff runs with him at the helm.

Now it's time for me to go send off 2006 with a bottle of Moet and some friends.

Happy New Year Everybody!!

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Poll Is Closed..

The Official "How should the Iraqi's execute Saddam?" poll is now closed.

Because Saddam's dead.

I was a little disappointed that "Forced to listen to John Tesh albums until he kills himself" didn't have a stronger showing.

Maybe more people like John Tesh than I thought. Oh well.

The winner, with 43.9% of the final vote- undisputed champion of the "How should the Iraqi's execute Saddam?" poll is-

"Drop him off in downtown Kurdistan armed with nothing but a spork!"

Here were the final numbers-
Saddam's Execution Method
How should the Iraqi's execute Saddam?
Drop him off in downtown Kurdistan armed with nothing but a spork43.9%36

Get drunk with Teddy Kennedy on the Vineyard and have Ted drive him home22%18

Just shoot him already!!14.6%12

Death by chocolate6.1%5

A long walk off a short pier, Jersey style-I know some people4.9%4

Clone his DNA, and then kill one clone for every death he's responsible for4.9%4

Forced to listen to John Tesh albums until he kills himself3.7%3

total votes: 82
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HotAir has video links to various eyewitness accounts

Good Riddance.

The world has one less scumbag to worry about.

It's nice to kick off the new year on a clean slate, isn't it? You kids have fun...


Friday, December 29, 2006

Sixty Years Later We Still Have To Deal With These Assholes...

At Hyde Park, NY, on September 17, 1944 Churchill sent over to Roosevelt a draft telegram typed on No. 10 Downing Street notepaper.

He suggested they send it to Stalin. It recalled an earlier Churchill draft approved by the Moscow conference of foreign ministers that preceded Teheran.

His September 1944 memorandum recommended "local punishment of war criminals ... at the scenes where their atrocities had been committed."

But what should be done with ringleaders, like Hitler, Himmler, Göring, Goebbels, and Ribbentrop, " whose offences have no particular geographical localization"? To Churchill the method of trial, conviction and judicial sentence seemed inappropriate.

Closely following Morgenthau's infamous loose-leaf "book" Churchill's draft would have inquired of Stalin,

"Would you consider whether a list could not be prepared of say 50 to 100 persons whose responsibilities for directing or impelling the whole process of crime and atrocity is (SIC) established by the fact of their holding certain high offices?"

The United Nations should declare the lives of these "world outlaws" forfeit. "The nearest General Officer," was Churchill's suggestion, "will convene a Court for the sole purpose of establishing their identity, and when this has been done will have them shot within one hour."

Source: "Draft of a suggested telegram to be sent by the President and the Prime Minister to Marshal Stalin," September 17, 1944. FDR Library.

Saddam will join his compatriots shortly.

Lest those in the US wonder why the Bush Administration and the US Congress voted to use our military force to dismantle his regime, here is a reminder.


Happy Eid everybody!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Vince Young Is Rookie Of The Year. End Of Discussion.

So I returned from a triumphant Titans road trip yesterday, and I was awash in Christmas spirit along with a victory buzz from the Buffalo game. Once again, Vince brought along his bag of magic dust to sprinkle on the field at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo and the Titans emerged victorious with a 30-29 victory. If you are interested, we had a running photo journal of our trip from a cellphone camera which documented our adventure- view it here at Buffalo Soldiers. Yes, we do like our Jager and Guiness. And Yes, limos are the only way to go to a Bills game. Sorry Buffalo, but that place is a dump. Despite the surroundings I did meet some decent Buffalo fans at the game who were downright respectful of the Titans, and most especially Vince Young.

Which brings me to the title of this post- why Vince Young is the hands-down-no-brainer Rookie of the Year. If you hadn't heard, there is an NFL analyst at ESPN named Merril Hoge who doubts Vince and his abilities in ways that defy logic. Despite the heroics Vince continually displays, Merril continually grasps at the shortening list of deficiencies that Vince has like a dying man choking on his last breath.

Here is a post with a great video from the AOL/NFL Fanhouse as to why Merril can't seem to let go of his illogical hatred/jealousy of Vince's abilities. Watch the videos as the author puts together clips of Merril saying Vince can't do something, and then a clip of Vince doing exactly that. Merril needs to buy a clue, or get a new job because Vince is making him look like a complete idiot, which apparently was not all that hard to do.

As far as the Rookie of the Year discussion, I think you can make decent arguments for a number of rookies this year. Maurice Jones-Drew is having an incredible run, Demeco Ryans has been terrifying offenses and putting up pro-bowl caliber numbers at Linebacker. Reggie Bush and Marques Colston are putting up great offensive numbers and wreaking havoc in the NFC. Devin Hester is the most dangerous return man in the game (besides Pac-Man of course).

But the main argument for Vince is the simple fact that he just wills his team to WIN GAMES. He is the undisputed leader of the Titans, a title which none of the other rookies could claim about their respective teams. When he got clocked running out of bounds in the Giants game earlier this year, every single player on the Titans rallied around him afterwards and began making plays on both sides of the ball.

The fact is that there are things about Vince that make him so valuable to a team that simply don't show up statistically. During the Buffalo game, I watched Vince on the sideline a few times talking up his offensive line, or going over routes with his wide receivers while listening to each of them. He was also cheerleading the defense as if he was on the field with them. He shows poise during high pressure situations that we in Tennessee have begun to call his fourth quarter heroics "McNair-Esque". And we have seen enough of those from Big Mac to know what we're talking about. Vince is everything and more he was cracked up to be in the lead up to the draft, and as a Titan fan I can't imagine a more exciting player that we could have drafted.

The one stat I will use though is this: In his 12 starts, Vince has led his team to FOUR FOURTH QUARTER comebacks. And he did this by literally putting the team on his back. As good as the other candidates are, none of them can claim to have single-handedly led their teams to victories in the fourth quarter the way Vince does.

Vince Young should be Rookie of The Year because he WINS FOOTBALL GAMES.

Bring on the Patriots.

Friday, December 22, 2006

This Is What I Call Dedication......TITANS!!!!

Hey folks, hope everyone is enjoying their holiday festivities and sharing good times with friends and family, and also I want to give thanks to all the military guys and gals overseas fighting for our survival- you deserve the best, and I deeply appreciate the commitment and sacrifice that you give for us to be safe.

Now on to the title of this post. On Monday night, my bud Fin and I were talking over a few beers at the Trace about what we were going to do for Santa day since neither of us were doing the family thing this year. After a minor deliberation, we thought about how cool it would be to go see the Titans in Buffalo (again, this was after several beers, and two or four Jagers). Once we decided to look for tickets, we turned to the TV at the bar and sure enough, they had an ad for the Music City Miracle in reference to the Titans-Bills game this weekend. We took that as a sign that we had to go.

So we went online and found ridiculously cheap tickets on THE FIFTY YARD LINE FIRST ROW BEHIND THE TITANS BENCH. Needless to say, we snatched 'em up, and then realized we had to figure out how in the hell we were going to get to Buffalo. After ironing out a few details, we got everything worked out and we are indeed Buffalo bound for Christmas this year.

You'll be able to spot both of us easily if they show the crowd behind the Titans bench. We'll be the ones wearing santa hats and Titans Jerseys (Bulluck and Young) whilst getting pelted with beers by the people of Buffalo. I'm guessing they won't like the sign we're bringing-

"Santa Says: It was NOT a Forward Pass!!!"

We've put together a blog for the trip that will consist entirely of pictures taken with Fins cellphone. It will be a photo-journal, and each picture will be uploaded in real time so you can see what we see during our trip.

The blog is here- Buffalo Soldiers

Merry Christmas Everybody!!