Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Truth In Headlines...........

Do you remember that Christmas commercial wherein: the Mom and Dad are arguing at like three in in the morning, on Christmas Day, about where the directions are for the new bicycle that Mopsie the seven year old or whomever got for Christmas? Then Mopsie hears Mom and Dad arguing at the top of the stairs about said bicycle and so she promptly dials up the website that has a PDF of the instructions for assembling the bicycle, which she then prints out (using the proper print settings of course) and then innocently drops through the railing to fall magically in front of Dad while he looks away? And then he turns around and finds the directions- Christmas is saved!

This Fark.com headline made me think of that commercial.

"The Next Generation of video-game consoles will have a parental lockout feature, which allows kids to keep their parents from playing inappropriate games"

This is the actual headline-

Parents can control new generation video games

Mm-hmm..Considering most parents have had the kids set the VCR for the last twenty years...

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