Thursday, February 16, 2006

Free Speech +The Mohammed Cartoons= An Overdue Reality Slap

Perhaps you've been living under a very spacious rock for the last few weeks and have managed to avoid the recent controversy concerning some anti-muslim cartoons that were published.

The brief recap goes as follows: Some political cartoonists drew some cartoons that made fun of the hypocrisy of the "religion of peace".

Stuff like this-

Yes, Mohammed with a bomb as a turban. Not very complimentary whatsoever.

And, well, the Muslim nation did not approve, to put it mildly. They in fact killed people, rioted, burned flags and generally made a large stink over said cartoons.

Do remember the piss christ? It was a small statue of Jesus on the cross that was submerged in urine. This is what it looked like.

Do you remember all of the Christian rioting after this was displayed? Yeah, me neither. In fact, I remember people defending this ridiculous display as worthy of artistic merit. Listen people, I don't care what you submerge in urine, just because you do doesn't make it art. Either way, I don't remember the christian Jihad over the display.

On 9/11, the Muslim fanatics took a swing at western freedoms. They demanded complete and total capitulation.

Since then they have been revealing the world in which they propose we live.

A world where making fun of religion is grounds for imprisonment at best, death at worst.

A world where women are second class citizens provided they stay covered up and out-of-sight-out-of-mind.

Many very good people have fought against this ideaological tyranny, and paid the ultimate price so that we would be able to "piss on other religions.".

Those who defended the piss christ should be doing the same over the Mohammed cartoons.

I wonder sometimes how many of those realize this fact.

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