Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why Leftists Are Slowly Slouching Towards Irrelevancy...Part II

About a year or so ago, I wrote a post entitled "Why Leftists Are Slowly Slouching Towards Irrelevancy". In that post I made the specific point that our system of government suffers when one of the two main political parties becomes so enraptured with their far-end fringe idealists that they get repeatedly stomped at the polls on election day.

The republicans figured this out in the mid-90's, and made a calculated move back towards the middle, and thusly won back seats. At the time, Clinton was doing the exact same thing. Since the cold war was over and the economy was humming along, Clinton got re-elected. We were in prosperous times. Idealists from the fringes of both parties were outed continually as the freak children that they were, never tainting the chances of either party to grab votes from the other. It was a highly competitive time politically, which benefitted the voters in the end because we got higher quality choices.

Fast forward to the present day and you'll notice the reason why the democrats can't win elections. They have spent the better part of the last six years whining about Bush instead of giving reasons why we should vote for them. The sad part is the Republicans haven't exactly been able to capitalize from this because they are too busy repeating the democrat's mistakes. In the end, it's we the voters who suffer.

Instapundit today links to a story from the Drudge Report about the plummeting Air America ratings and the dismal sales performance of the Daily Kos’s “Crashing the Gate”. What this tells me is that democrat's may be realizing that the leftist fringe is not going to help them win any elections.

Markos "Screw them" Zuniga of the Daily Kos has only sold 3600 copies of his book, despite the fact that he gets that many hits on his site in a few hours. Air America can't seem to scandal itself out of the basement of the ratings in a hugely liberal marketplace.

Have the democrats learned? Will they give up the Bush bashing and concentrate on what they are going to do instead? Will they release the dead weight that the leftist fringe is burdening them with? Will they even remember why Clinton got re-elected?

For the good of our country, let's hope so.

We need some better choices.

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