Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"Hey There TMan, How Are You Doing Today?"

I feel a little like this...

(Courtesy Of Don Hertzfeldt and YouTube)...

.......but thanks for asking.

There are many things in life about which I know little to nothing about. Of these things, it is women that most certainly top the list. At this point in my life I think it is literally impossible for any one man to have had as much experience with women as I have had yet still be so utterly helpless when it comes to understanding them. It appears that the more I date them, the less I understand them. Addition by subtraction, negative osmosis, I'm not sure what to label it.

Either way, it appears that monkdom is becoming a more viable option with each passing day.

I shall return to my regularly scheduled witty and inciteful political ranting soon, I apologize for the recent diversions. Again, if you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope, I will refund your subscription fees in full. And by "in full" I mean "nothing".

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