Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mom's Visit Weekend Recap

You know what it's like-your Mom comes to visit and you want to put on a good show so that she's happy and you're happy that she's happy and all that stuff. Thank god I live in such a cool town that it's effortless to show her a good time.

First off, the main thing she wanted to do was hang out with the folks while we eat ribs and watch hockey, and well, let's just say that that's something we've been getting really good at doing. The hockey team is playing out of their minds, and we've pretty much mastered the smoked ribs at this point.

Dinner friday night at F. Scotts, and after my Mom went to bed I put the ribs that had been both marinating for a day followed by a few hours in a dry rub in to the smoker. I tried orange slices in the smoker water along with some rosemary this time, and alder chips for the smoking. I also went with a half wrap on the tin foil so that they held the moisture yet got full access to the smoke. Once again, they were falling of the bone and had a flavor that had a nice long finish. It's been fun playing around with the details now that we've got the basics to smoking down- slow and low. The slower the better.

Saturday we went to breakfast at Jacksons so my Mom could enjoy breakfast on a patio in March without needing snow tires. Boston has been getting dumped lately, and Nashville in March is pretty damn pleasant.

Later that night we had the full layout ready to impress-Mashed potatoes, fresh broccoli, biscuits, cole slaw (side note: KFC apparently has the best cole slaw in the world, and my Mom insisted on getting some for the feast. Well, we did and it's pretty amazing cole slaw, just throwing that out there) corn on the cob, and of course the ribs.

Add a nice Nashville Predators beat down of the Edmonton Oilers, and mission accomplished.

We did Noshville Deli for breakfast Sunday morning, and then we went to the Picasso exhibit at the Frist Center which was well done. Some margaritas at the Rose Pepper to top off the weekend, and she got the full Nashville treatment.

This town is almost idiot proof when it comes to having visitors.

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