Friday, August 17, 2007

Midsummer Update- Now With New Bloggity Goodness!!

Just checking in to say hello from my normal summer blogging hiatus. I usually do my best to step away from the monitor during the summer so as not to get that blogger burnout that seems to affect a lot of people around this time of year.

First off, I want to thank the guys from Six Meat Buffet along with Vinnie and his much better half, Toni, and Nigel for inviting me along to a little impromptu blogger meet-up here in Nashville. I had fun with everyone at Boscos and look forward to doing it again sometime, even if we are all a bunch of insufferable pricks. The one great thing about meeting up with this group is there was some great conversation and some quality liberal bashing which um, doesn't happen at too many blogger meet-ups in Nashville. I cherished the moment, that is for certain.

Next up I want to give a blogger heads up to two good friends of mine that recently waded in to the blogosphere, and you should check them out no matter how much I disagree with them. They are both smart dudes, and we disagree over many an issue, yet we seem to be able to hang out anyways. And as an added bonus, one is a Chicago Cubs fan, the other an Atlanta Braves fan. Put the three of us together and you have some serious mental health issues. It's like a therapists wet dream.

Adam-The Cubs Fan- The way I see it, Barry...

Jonathan-The Braves Fan- Planet America..

Go read them, you'll enjoy it and then wonder how we remain friends. The answer? Booze. And lots of it -life's social lubricant! I'm actually working on diluting their liberal beliefs, and they are desperately telling me how wrong I am. Ahh, good times! Seriously, they are great friends and I'm lucky to know 'em both.

Then we have Matty from the Houston Texans blog- Da Good, Da Bad and Demeco. He's a pretty decent writer, and I can appreciate his fanatic devotion to the Texans despite their consistent exercise in futility each season. I can guarantee you that if there is a way of looking on the bright side of a loss this year for Texans fans, Matty can make it happen. He almost convinced me that Mario Williams was a defensible pick over Vince Young, almost. Him and I are going to wager over the two games between the Texans and the Titans this year, so stay tuned for some hilarity.

Finally, I will be renovating the blogroll to your right soon so as to retire some dead links and add some of these fine fellows listed above in due haste. I may go the full route and redesign the site altogether, who knows. I plan on writing my predictions for the Titans this year, and my thoughts on the upcoming baseball playoffs/suicide watch for Red Sox fans.

I leave you now with my favorite logo for this time of year, it kinda puts me in the mood......

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