Monday, November 03, 2008

Here's To Hoping McCain Pulls It Out, and Saluting America No Matter Who She Chooses

The best comment I've read concerning my Country's quad-annual reshuffling was from the following commenter El Mondo at pajamas media from this satirical post about Roger Simon moving to France if McCain loses...

61. ElMondo:

Of course I understand that all this talk of leaving the country is a joke at previous crying celebrities responses. But in spite of that, the sentiment has an undertone that’s mildly worrying. So to speak towards that, this Asian Catholic proffers a phrase from Jewish wisdom that seems particularly applicable here:

“gam zeh yaavor”… “This, too, shall pass”

No need to leave the country. It’s a big, strong, vital one, despite the economic downturn and recent cynicism. The fundamentals of what makes America strong haven’t changed; it’s just that those fundamentals reputation has taken a bruising, slightly deserved, but not totally so. Anyway, I believe it’ll take more than a bad president to really screw up this country. I may not like the direction it would head in for 4 years of an Obama presidency, but even he couldn’t undermine the heart and soul of what makes this country great.

I guess you have to be an immigrant to appreciate what a truly screwed up government is. Trust me, despite my distaste for an Obama administration, it won’t be anything remotely resembling a genuinely broken government. It’ll just have the potential to be a bad one. And who knows? Sometimes when put to the test, people rise above themselves.

Call me Pollyannaish, but it’ll take more than Obama/Biden to screw this nation up.

Jimmy Carter, despite being better than Nixon, failed to run this country in to the ground. So I have faith that even if Obama is worse than Carter, which is entirely possible, this country is too fundamentally sound to screw up.

People talk a lot about racism in the US, and how this election can "redeem" the reputation of America in the world, for a variety of reasons. But I always find it telling that the most vociferous defense of the values of America come from recent immigrants. Every country in the world has their own fair share of ignorance and racists, but the US is one of few places that is based on fundamental values that negates this type of ignorance. Some of these values usually mentioned are a combination of the good traditions from our ancestors -hard work, personal and family responsiblity- mixed with a common theme- LIBERTY. Freedom is an overused cliché to Americans, but it's almost a dirty word in other countries.

I now realize why people move here. This is the country where people are least afraid of their own government.

Now about those asteroids.............

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