Monday, December 08, 2008

The Tennessee Titans Meet Their First Goal of the 2008 Season

Jeff Fisher, in his usual no nonsense manner, explained what that was at yesterdays postgame press conference after the Titans waxing of the Cleveland Browns to clinch the AFC South title:

"It's a rewarding feeling; our goal was to -when we left the playoff game in San Diego [last season] the day we came back was to have a home playoff game here, this year. That was our first goal, first and foremost. We have now guaranteed that. So now we move on to the next step."

One of the things I like about this Titans team this year is that they have the mentality of the underdog, the disrespected, the backwoods nobodies, the chip on the shoulder that many championship teams have taken all the way to the top. Take the NY Giants last year. They were given zero chance to beat the 18-0 (at the time) Patriots in the super bowl, but they pulled it out. The Red Sox and Patriot teams from the last few years have changed from that scrappy underdog in to the team people are tired of seeing win all the time.

I've watched the Titans since they arrived in Nashville, and I was recently reviewing an old preview post from the year they finally blew up the Super Bowl team cap space and the resulting damage was a 4-12 season.

Titans still look to make another run next year. McNair appears to be ready to rock- his annual off season surgery appears to have gone well. I can't imagine why he would appear in the NFL "Annie-Tomorrow" commercial if he didn't plan on returning. And we still have some young guns upcoming in Chris Brown, Tory Fleming and Ben Troupe. Add in the offensive genius of one Norm Chow, former offensive coordinator for the USC Trojans, as well as Ray Sherman as the new Wide Receivers coach, and all certainly does not appear lost. On the defensive side, check out this interview with Jim Schwartz, the defensive co-ordinator who after a 5-11 season last year seems pretty fired up about the upcoming one.

Yep. My enthusiasm that year was not exactly justified. The 4-12 year, that was rock bottom. Consider the price paid. Minus about three guys from that squad we give you your 2008 Titans. It's pretty much an entirely rebuilt team around franchise guys like Haynesworth and Bulluck.

Despite being second in scoring in the AFC, this Titans team won't exactly light up the highlight real. There are however, several very good reasons they have only lost ONE GAME ALL SEASON. And I believe that we will continue to see more reasons as they progress. But for now, I'll take 12-1 and the AFC South title for a guaranteed home playoff game.


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