Friday, July 15, 2005



"And the livin' is eeeeeeasyy...."

Yes dear readers, it is that time of year where the fish are jumpin and the cotton is....well....high I guess. I never understood that line because a.)I'm from Boston where there is a major shortage of cotton fields and b.) I haven't spent much time in the cotton fields of the south, which by much time I mean well, ANY time in the cotton fields. But I imagine the cotton does get quite far up there during the summer, thus the reason for the lyric. Whatever.

For the six of you who occasionally check in to this here blog you may have noticed a detectable lack of consistent input on yours truly's behalf. I can attribute this to a number of things:

Busy as all hell at work, no time to post during breaks or whatnot.

Summertime is not to be spent in front of computers. It is to be spent drinking and generally acting a fool whilst basking in the glow of the big yellow thing in the sky.

A certain someone who occupies a considerable portion of my free time. No, it's none of your business.

And finally a general lack of desire to comment on the select current events currently circulating the interwebs thingy.

So will go ahead and warn those six folks that blogging will most likely remain light through the duration of the summer, and I will pick it up again once the cotton, um, gets low or something. In the meantime, here is a brief review of the latest news events in the shortest amount of words I can muster and still retain some coherency.

The Space Shuttle: I'd love to go to space as much the next guy, but there is NO FARKING WAY you are sending me up on that particular vessel. The Space Shuttles no remind of Axel Foley's crappy blue chevy nova from Beverly Hills Cop. I'll pass.

This Whole Rove/Plame Deal: Has the democratic party decided that they don't want to win ANY elections anymore? I could not think of a more useless issue to poke at the Repubs with. Christ, It's getting harder to believe this party ever use to win elections at all. Pathetic.

The War, Iraq/Afghanistan, Terrorists, etc.: I'd try to, but I'll let VDH explain how I feel about it, he does a much better job and I'm laaaaaazeee right now. "Our Wars Over the War"

Hurricanes: I was worried about the wildlife in Florida, add the hurricanes in to it, and a New England vacation has a nice ring to it right now.

Hockey Is Back: Please. Don't. Screw. This. Up. You. Frickin'. Meat. Heads.



Enjoy the summer folks, I'll see you in a few days......

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