Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mahmoud Abbas Lives On Another Planet.

Once again highlighting the fact that Palestinian society is deep doo-doo if it expects someone this clueless to turn things around in Palestine, Mr Abbas, the president of the Palestinian National Authority, was allowed some inkspace today in the Wall Street Journal on the editorial page. (here's the link)

The entire article basically consists of Abbas complaining that its Israel's fault for the lack of peace in the region, and the inability of both nations to reach a compromise. He lays out some extreme fallacies that I will examine below.

Mr Abbas writes-
Since my democratic election as president of the Palestinian Authority in January, my government has done all in its power to advance the Road Map and live up to our commitments: My government has initiated serious reforms of our governing institutions; we have consolidated the official security agencies; we have declared a policy of non-violence and negotiations and we have worked hard to secure and maintain a cease-fire to which all factions signed on.

Really Mr Abbas? What about this- Palestinian Gunmen Abduct 2, Make Threats.-GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - A shadowy Palestinian militant group on Tuesday said it has abducted two alleged collaborators with Israel and threatened to carry out additional kidnappings.

The announcement by the group calling itself the “Knights of the Storm” was latest sign of chaos and lawlessness in the Gaza Strip following Israel’s withdrawal from the area last month. The group said it abducted the two men in the southern town of Khan Younis on Monday after Palestinian officials refused demands to arrest them.

Several masked militants posed for pictures in front of the men, who were kneeling on the floor of an empty room with their faces against a wall.

The gunmen said they are affiliated with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction, which controls the Palestinian Authority.

Or this- Three Israelis killed in Gush Etzion shooting attack.Three Israelis were killed Sunday afternoon and three were wounded, one seriously, when Palestinians opened fire on a hitchhiking station at the Gush Etzion junction in the West Bank, south of Jerusalem, the Zaka rescue service said.

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, affiliated with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ ruling Fatah movement, took responsibility for the attack, Israel Radio reported.

Bang up job with that cease fire agreement you have been doing there sir.

Mr. Abbas continues-

Unfortunately, Palestinians cannot pursue the Road Map alone. Implicit in the idea of the Road Map is that Israel and the Palestinians are partners in the journey to peace. Yet the Israeli government has not fully cooperated with my government, created obstacles in the face of a full and unconditional return to the negotiating table, and acted as if Israel can resolve the Middle East conflict unilaterally. In addition, the Israeli government has taken steps that undermine the Road Map.

For example, during Israel's Gaza disengagement, my government was asked to ensure that Israel's evacuation took place peacefully and without disruption. I am proud to say that we succeeded: not a single Israeli settler or soldier was attacked or fired on. We were told that our behavior would be a "test," and that if we did our part, Israel would reciprocate by allowing Gazans to breathe the air of freedom and begin rebuilding their shattered lives.

Ummm, Mahmoud, they left Gaza. You get to "breathe the air of freedom" now. Might be helpful if you would stop shooting rockets at Israel. Just a suggestion.

Yet, this has not happened: Gaza's airport and crossing point to Egypt remain closed; its waters are off-limits to our fishermen; its borders are completely sealed and movement into or out of Gaza is virtually impossible; and no safe passage between Gaza and the West Bank exists. Because investors rightly fear that without access to the outside world, Gazans will not be able to rebuild a functioning economy, they have been slow at investing.

Rrriiigghhtt....It's because their isn't any "access to the outside world" that investors are reluctant to move in to the Gaza strip. I'm sure that it has nothing to do with the lack of security or occasional spontaneous combustion that goes on from time to time in Gaza. And um, by the way, you might want to ask Egypt about their end of the Gaza border. If you know, Hamas would stop trying to blow it up first.

This is not the vision that President Bush and I had for the Gaza Strip back in May: We wanted to see a free Gaza Strip, open to the rest of the world, where Palestinians can be free and where our economy can prosper. But as long as Israel maintains its stronghold over the borders, water and airspace of the Gaza Strip this will never come to pass.

Similarly, this is not the vision that we have for the West Bank. Palestinians have been assured that "Gaza first" would not be "Gaza last." We were told that we would soon enjoy an expansion of our freedom in the West Bank. We were told that Israel's evacuation of the Gaza Strip would not come at the expense of deepening the settlement activity in the West Bank. Instead, Israel has accelerated its settlement expansion in the Palestinian heartland. In fact, the 26 months since Israel announced its plans to disengage from Gaza have witnessed the highest rate of West Bank settlement construction in all the occupation years. Israel has also continued construction of the Wall -- deemed illegal by the International Court of Justice -- depriving more and more Palestinians their freedom and livelihood, and closed off access to East Jerusalem, Palestine's religious, cultural and political capital.

Look Mahmoud, the deal was you guys stop killing Jews, Israel leaves the occupied territories. Well, Israel left Gaza, and you are still killing Jews. Not only that, but Hamas is claiming victory for the suicide bombers. Is this an indication to you that the suicide attacks will cease? Are you really this delusional? The security wall that Israel has built has been the only thing that has slowed down the terrorist attacks. It certainly isn't because the Palestinians have disarmed. Jerusaelum is not going to be turned over to the Palestinians. Get over it. Especially not when Hamas continually claims that until they take back ALL of Israel, the attacks will continue.

This last bit is just ridiculous.

I am not afraid of the Palestinian people. On the contrary, I have abiding faith that my people will pursue the path of tolerance and peace -- indeed, poll after poll shows that a majority of the Palestinian people wants a negotiated two-state solution to our conflict with Israel. I have managed, in the nine months since my election, to create a climate of peace and not a climate of violence amongst Palestinians.(??????WHAT???-ed.) Yet this climate of peace needs the help of the U.S. and the international community: For without sustained pressure on the Israeli government to sit down and negotiate, Israel will only bolster those within Palestinian society who do not share the majority's desire for peace. Every time Israel launches a violent attack on our cities, commits a political assassination, or confiscates more Palestinian land, the voices for peace grow weaker. By refusing to negotiate with my government and by insisting on pursuing unilateral actions, the Israeli government is nourishing that minority within Palestinian society that sees violent struggle as the only answer.

It's pretty simple Mr Abbas. Stop killing jews, and you will have peace. Keep letting Hamas and the Al-Aqsa martyrs brigade randomly kill innocent Israeli's at will, and you will not get an independent state. It's up to you. Israel is not going to roll over and let the terrorists destroy Israel, and this is something you will have to deal with on your end first. Because if you don't stop terrorists from attacking innocent Israeli's, you leave Israel little choice.

Ball's in your court Mahmoud. What are you gonna do with it?

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