Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Worst. Merger. Ever.

I'm pretty much scratching my head over this one. The Serbian automobile producer Zastava, famous for its production of the always dependable Yugo, is merging with FIAT (famous for the faux acronym-"Fix-It-Again-Tony!"). I am assuming they are doing this to see if they can make the least dependable, most unsafe at any speed car to grace the roadways of our fair planet.

My dad had a fiat when I was growing up, it looked like this- And when I say looked like this I mean to say looked like this because it isn't moving. My dads fiat probably made it out of the driveway a grand total of eight times in as many years if I remember correctly.

I actually got pretty excited to possibly be the beneficiary of said Spider the closer I got to being old enough to drive. Can you think of a cooler car to drive in High School? A convertible Spider? Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Ironically enough, a twenty-something Serbian next door bought the car from my dad, proceeded to get it up and running in a matter of hours and then wrapped it around a tree a few days later. With this went my dreams of cruising in a convertible during high school. But those dreams were probably shortsighted anyways considering the fiat never ran for an extended period of time.

I simply cannot imagine how one could make a car that would be worse than a cross between a Yugo and a Fiat....unless maybe a Pinto and a Fiero decided to create the ultimate death trap..Any other ideas for the worst company merger? This one has me stumped.

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