Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hello Again Dear Readers!

Recovery from this years New Years festivities is ongoing, and things are slowly returning back to (somewhat) normal. I am told that I had a very good time at the party I attended on New Years, for once the combination of Beer, Wine, Jager, Vodka, Champagne, Top Shelf Tequila, and more jager were fully digested things became a bit -erm- hazy. However, seeing as how my plan was to get steenking drunk for New Years so that I would avoid any unnecessary drama with certain people you could say, well, mission accomplished.

Here's me and my buddy Cody after the clock struck the bewitching hour. Cody plays in a kick ass band called Keating, go check out the link to hear some of their stuff. They rule.

Hope you and yours had a spectacular New Years as well. 2006 looks to be yet another year full of fun and excitement. I have some posts in the works concerning NASA's recent work with NEO's, some more Titans news (Leinart anyone?), and the ongoing saga that is the Boston Red Sox. I look forward to getting all five of you to read them soon, and I hope you do come back for some more Tman prose...

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