Thursday, January 12, 2006

Is It Ever A Bad Day To Make Fun Of The KKK?

I certainly don't think so.

Well, life decided to imitate the Chappelle show. Perhaps some of you remember the skit from the Chappelle show where Dave played a blind black man who joins the KKK and hilarity doth ensue. It was pretty damn funny.

Sometimes truth is funnier than fiction, exhibit a.-

Black sergeant was 'loyal Klansman'

By Deborah Bulkeley
Deseret Morning News

About 25 years ago, Ron Stallworth was asked to lead the Ku Klux Klan chapter in Colorado Springs. Stallworth carries his KKK membership card as a memento. Problem was, the outgoing Klan leader didn't know that Stallworth is black. "He asked me to take over the lead because I was a good, loyal Klansman," said Stallworth, who had been in constant phone contact with the Klan leader while leading a yearlong Colorado Springs police investigation into the Klan. Stallworth later moved to Utah, where he recently retired after nearly 20 years as an investigator for the Utah Department of Public Safety. He says he's amazed that no one ever caught on to the investigation he led starting in 1979. After he was offered Klan leadership, he quietly disappeared. As a memento Stallworth still carries his Klan membership card — signed by David Duke."It was one of the most fun" investigations, he said. "Everybody said it couldn't be done." Stallworth communicated with Klan leaders using the telephone. A white officer posing as Stallworth went to the meetings. "The challenge for me was to maintain the conversation flow," Stallworth said. At the same time, Stallworth also led an undercover investigation into the Progressive Labor Party, a communist group that protested at Klan rallies. Stallworth, of Layton, worked 30 years in law enforcement in four states. Stallworth's undercover experience and research led him to become a nationally known expert on gang culture. He calls the Klan investigation "one of the most significant investigations I was ever involved in because of the scope and the magnitude of how it unfolded."

Classic. Read the rest of the story, as Mr. Stallworth seems like quite an incredible guy.

Man I hate bigots. I do love making them look unbelievably stupid though, that's pretty fun. Can you imagine how hard it was for Stallworth to keep from laughing while on the phones with these morons? He desreves some kind of Chappelle award for this or something.

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