Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Because I'm Sick Of Hearing About Barry Effing Bonds

Sick of hearing about Barry Bonds? Me too. In a second I will link to perhaps the best baseball play of all time.

But first, since you're reading this, you'll have to bear with me while I rant. It'll all tie together, trust me.

I'm sick of the tired "Bush Lied People Died" mantra that so many normally intelligent people have repeated ad nauseum. It's three years later and we're still arguing the same tired points. Every time I get in to an on or offline discussion about Bush and Iraq with someone who's entire argument consists of the previous mantra, folks will ignore the FACTS I bring up about it.

Look people, Bush may have lied about many things. But what he didn't lie about was why we went to war in Iraq.

If you read all of this link from Delroy Murdock and STILL think Bush was lying, then I want to hear why. If not, then fuck off. I'm through being polite.

And I'm freaking tired of trying to explain it to obnoxious pseudo-hippies. People who think that Iraq and the world was better off with "Hitler Junior" (in case you missed it, I linked to what Saddam actually did, HERE IT IS AGAIN) who bragged about funding assholes like Hamas and the original 1993 WTC Demolition gang as the dictator of one of the most secular countries in the middle east need to shut the hell up, do so goddamn reading and get to the back of the line.

Because these folks simply don't seem to get it.

It's graduation time, so we get to hear all of these same assholes spewing forth the same crap they have been for the last five years. They have officially proven that the worlds of academia in modern American universities are mired in the same semiotic bullshit that went out of flavor with the soviet union and socialism.

I refer you to Jeff Goldstein and his tireless efforts to expose how academia has reverted to such unintellectual futility that it actually is affecting our ability to defeat our common enemy.

But back to baseball.

I going to post a link to a story about one of the greatest plays ever made on a baseball field.

A disclaimer: if you want to burn the freaking flag, and it doesn't result in you burning either my house down or physical damage to myself or others, yeah go nuts. That's the whole point behind being patriotic to the ideals of freedom.

Just don't be shocked when someone tries to stop you from burning said flag.

That being said, this is probably one of the greatest baseball plays of all time.

Plus, I hate Barry Bonds, so it's a win-win.

Rick Monday Saved the Flag 30 Years Ago

 Outfielder Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs dashes between two men in the Dodger Stadium Outfield in Los Angeles, in this April 25, 1976 photo, snatching an American flag the men were about to burn. In honor of the 30th anniversary of his saving the American flag on April 25, 1976, the Los Angeles Dodgers will recognize Rick Monday on Sunday, April 23 with a video tribute. Monday, a Dodger broadcaster, will also be on hand to throw out the first ceremonial pitch. (AP Photo/Los Angeles Herald Examiner, James Roark)

Here is a video tribute to the play. "Greatest Play in Major League Baseball "..

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