Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dear France.................

to:The French Consulate

re: Your request to have Moussaoui sent home to serve out his prison sentence.

Dear France,

Recently we received your offer to take back this lovely fellow Zacarias Moussaoui. Apparently it is your contention that since we decided he should not be executed, but instead serve a life sentence, that he should be allowed to return to France to serve out his punishment. This has something to do with the consular protection you say he deserves as a French national.

Allow us to respond to you in the clearest, most unambiguous terms possible.


Suck it.


The US of A.

There's been much written about the sentence that Moose-boy got for his admitted participation (and/or lack thereof) in the 9/11 plots. Peggy Noonan pretty much lost it (I don't blame her). Jeff over at Protein Wisdom discusses how this relates to the recent WSJ article by Shelby Steele which discusses how the white guilt factor is negatively affecting our ability to be resolute in the war against fascists. He makes some compelling points.
Quoth Jeff-

Which is not to say that the country as a whole is not prepared to execute terrorists: it’s just that, well, not everybody can be as white as Timothy McVeigh. He apparently should have know better.

There was this interesting interview with former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani on Hardball with Chris Matthews here (transcript). This part especially-

“I would have preferred to see the death penalty, but I kind of stand in awe of how our legal system works that it can come to a result like this,” Giuliani told “Hardball” minutes after the verdict was announced outside the federal courthouse in Alexandria, Va.

“It has to say something about us to the rest of the world.”

What exactly it says may be left open to interpretation I'm afraid.

And finally, here's a post by the Right Wing Nut House that I think I agree with the most.

I sympathize with those who believe that it would have been enormously satisfying to put this man to death. But I think we have to have some sympathy for the jurors as well. Talk about executing a human being is cheap. Unless it is actually your responsibility, I daresay one’s outlook on the death penalty then would become very personal. Whether the jurors were looking for an “out” in order to avoid mandating another person’s death is beside the point. They followed the law, their consciences, and in the end, common sense. As our representatives, we couldn’t have asked for anything more from them.

One aspect that was not brought out in the verdict but which very well may have played a role in the jury’s deliberations was their decision to deny martyrdom to someone who so obviously wanted it. From a practical standpoint, Moussaoui will now fade into history even among those who admire what he stands for. His incarceration in a very deep and very black hole (it’s almost a guarantee he will not be placed into the general prison population and instead will be kept in solitary confinement) will mean that his name will eventually die even if he himself remains alive. That is a victory against our enemies of sorts.

A close call, but a correct one. And I don’t think that even those among us who support the death penalty but agree with this decision would have been terribly upset if the verdict had gone the other way. As it is, I’m glad that justice triumphed over revenge.

May Zacarias rot as slowly and and irrelevantly as possible for the remainder of his worthless years amongst the living.

Let us hope that we never have to hear another word from this scumbag.

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