Thursday, September 14, 2006

Almost Week 2 And No Titans Post?

Yeah, I'm slackin'. I'll admit it. I will say that losing Steve McNair to the Baltimore Ravens has left a bitter taste in my mouth. There's no other way to put it. He was the face of the team, and until someone steps up to take his place *cough*Bulluck!*cough* things remain a bit off. I'll be cheering for Steve this year (except when they play the Titans of course) but it will have to be a sub-zero day in hell before I cheer for the hated Baltimore Ravens.

I hatessesess the Ravens I do. Even Steve won't wash away the aura of drug dealing murderers that that team represents.

But back to the Titans. I'm a realistic guy, and I'm aware of the fact that the 2006 Titans are not going to put the fear in to too many teams this year on paper. But I am impressed with the foundations we laid by picking up free agents like Chris Hope, David Thornton and Kevin Muwae. Add in the return of Robaire Smith to the d-line, and it shold finally give us a chance to return to the days of Titans smashmouth defense. If we can manage to keep Albert Haynesworth, Kyle Vanden Bosch and Keith Bulluck healthy, and Pac-Man Jones out of jail, we could send some teams a message that the Old Titans defensive attitude is back. And that is what is deperately missing from this team.

On Offense, I'm excited about Mr. Vince Young, but I realize that we can't expect a lot from him too soon. I think Coach Fisher knows what he's doing with Young, as Fisher did a tremendous job slowly bringing up McNair when he first came out. It will be fun to watch this guy grow in Norm Chow's offense, and with the young stable of wideouts as well as a young pro-bowl caliber tight end in Ben Troupe (when he CATCHES THE DAMN BALL), the future is certainly bright.

So I plan on taking some lumps watching these guys this year, and I don't have too many expectations for them other than bringing back some attitude to the defense. The offense will come together in time, and we could do worse having Kerry Collins mentor Vince Young.

I just still have trouble seeing a McNair in a Ravens jersey. It's like finding out the dog you raised since he was a puppy has decided to run away to another owner because they have better dog food.

We'll miss you Steve, thanks for the memories...


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