Friday, December 22, 2006

This Is What I Call Dedication......TITANS!!!!

Hey folks, hope everyone is enjoying their holiday festivities and sharing good times with friends and family, and also I want to give thanks to all the military guys and gals overseas fighting for our survival- you deserve the best, and I deeply appreciate the commitment and sacrifice that you give for us to be safe.

Now on to the title of this post. On Monday night, my bud Fin and I were talking over a few beers at the Trace about what we were going to do for Santa day since neither of us were doing the family thing this year. After a minor deliberation, we thought about how cool it would be to go see the Titans in Buffalo (again, this was after several beers, and two or four Jagers). Once we decided to look for tickets, we turned to the TV at the bar and sure enough, they had an ad for the Music City Miracle in reference to the Titans-Bills game this weekend. We took that as a sign that we had to go.

So we went online and found ridiculously cheap tickets on THE FIFTY YARD LINE FIRST ROW BEHIND THE TITANS BENCH. Needless to say, we snatched 'em up, and then realized we had to figure out how in the hell we were going to get to Buffalo. After ironing out a few details, we got everything worked out and we are indeed Buffalo bound for Christmas this year.

You'll be able to spot both of us easily if they show the crowd behind the Titans bench. We'll be the ones wearing santa hats and Titans Jerseys (Bulluck and Young) whilst getting pelted with beers by the people of Buffalo. I'm guessing they won't like the sign we're bringing-

"Santa Says: It was NOT a Forward Pass!!!"

We've put together a blog for the trip that will consist entirely of pictures taken with Fins cellphone. It will be a photo-journal, and each picture will be uploaded in real time so you can see what we see during our trip.

The blog is here- Buffalo Soldiers

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

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