Friday, December 29, 2006

Sixty Years Later We Still Have To Deal With These Assholes...

At Hyde Park, NY, on September 17, 1944 Churchill sent over to Roosevelt a draft telegram typed on No. 10 Downing Street notepaper.

He suggested they send it to Stalin. It recalled an earlier Churchill draft approved by the Moscow conference of foreign ministers that preceded Teheran.

His September 1944 memorandum recommended "local punishment of war criminals ... at the scenes where their atrocities had been committed."

But what should be done with ringleaders, like Hitler, Himmler, Göring, Goebbels, and Ribbentrop, " whose offences have no particular geographical localization"? To Churchill the method of trial, conviction and judicial sentence seemed inappropriate.

Closely following Morgenthau's infamous loose-leaf "book" Churchill's draft would have inquired of Stalin,

"Would you consider whether a list could not be prepared of say 50 to 100 persons whose responsibilities for directing or impelling the whole process of crime and atrocity is (SIC) established by the fact of their holding certain high offices?"

The United Nations should declare the lives of these "world outlaws" forfeit. "The nearest General Officer," was Churchill's suggestion, "will convene a Court for the sole purpose of establishing their identity, and when this has been done will have them shot within one hour."

Source: "Draft of a suggested telegram to be sent by the President and the Prime Minister to Marshal Stalin," September 17, 1944. FDR Library.

Saddam will join his compatriots shortly.

Lest those in the US wonder why the Bush Administration and the US Congress voted to use our military force to dismantle his regime, here is a reminder.


Happy Eid everybody!

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