Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Last Hurrah of My Favorite Time of the Year

And it has been a great one, this the 2006-07 NFL season. There was my personal favorite story, the beginning of the Vince "oh-yes-he-can-do-that-in-the-Pro's" Young era, the changing of the guard as Big Mac goes off to Baltimore to rejoin old compatriots, the tragedy that was Tony Romo, the mind-numbingly asinine first pick of the 2006 draft -perhaps one of the best draft classes in 20 years by the way- going to our favorite AFC South practice squad- The Houston Texans (can I say thank you again that Houston passed on Reggie AND Vince?-Thank you Houston, thanks you) Peyton and the Bears finally getting over the hump and in to the big game. ........yes, that- this Super Of Bowls..

The Indianapolis Colts Vs. The Chicago Bears

Peyton Manning is playing in the biggest game of his life. So is pretty much everyone else on the field besides Adam Vinateiri. This could really turn out to be a good battle as you have a nice balance between both teams. The Colts have Peyton, Reggie, Dallas and Marvin, but the Bears have a smashmouth style of defense that this years version of the Colts haven't played very well against all year.

I'll take a moment to point out that your Tennessee Titans only gave up 32 points to the Colts in two games this year, and the days of Indy and Peyton owning the AFC South are officially over. Have fun chasing Vince and Jones-Drew around next year Indy. I am looking forward to watching you get beaten senseless nest season like most previous years Super Bowl teams. Enjoy the moment, as they say.

I still think that if you get to Peyton early you can get him to rush his throws, and that usually causes his receivers to start to mess up on the timing that they rely on so heavily. The obvious X-factor this year will be the play of Sexy Rexy "F--k It. I'm Throwing It Downfield." Grossman . But I think that if the Bears get T jones and Benson going early, and the Bears defense gets to Peyton and his receivers early, it could be a long day for Indy fans. The Indy defense has been carrying the Colts throughout these playoffs, and you wonder when they finally get exposed. The Bears are not the offensive juggernaut that will challenge the Indy defense too much, but they keep things simple enough to win and let their defense play to their strengths.

I say the Bears are too much defense this year for a struggling Colts offense, and the Indy defense will finally get exposed by a thunder and lightning style running game.

Final Score:

Bears - 26

Colts - 15

Update: Aw yeah..........courtesy of the Fine Folks at Kissing Suzy Kolber

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