Thursday, February 15, 2007

There's suv's and then THERE'S SUV'S..

I drive a Ford Escape. I love it: plenty of room for my drum gear, handles well, decent gas mileage (22mpgal city), low emissions so I don't have to worry when I get my registration checked, and a great sound system. It's not very big either, so I can maneuver around city streets with ease.

Deadspin has a story from Bugs n Cranks about Phillies pitcher Jon Lieber and his big ass truck/suv/earth destroyer

Lieber rumbled into spring training yesterday in his 2-week-old Ford F650 SuperTruck, a customized blue-and-black beast, 9 feet, 2 inches tall and 25,000 pounds, with six doors, 45-inch wheels, seating for seven, a satellite dish and customized leather interior. It cost him $211,000, more than twice the $94,000 base price. But when you throw in, say, $22,000 for the two extra doors - actually, an extra half of a cab - it adds up fast.


Recently there was a big kerfuffle over at Nashville Is Talking about SUV's. I think this truck would pretty much cause some heads to asplode.

Me? I think it's pretty awesome. I already have the bumpersticker ready-


Carson Wininger said...
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Carson Wininger said...

That’s what I like the most about Ford Escape - it has a very spacious and functional cabin. You can go camping with your whole family or friends with this car. The seats are very comfortable; the vehicle is easy to drive, but when you get to the highway, you can easily let ‘er rip!

-Carson Wininger