Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is Food Sending Me Subliminal Messages?

(ATTENTION-Mom, if you're reading this, just skip this post and read the NY Times or something.)

A regular reader of this here blog -we'll call her "Sue"- sent me an email regarding my most recent post about smoking the turkey. Here is the text of "Sue's" email-

Ok, is it just me, or does your recent blog post have a sort of encrypted sex blogger ring to it? Let's examine the evidence, shall we?

"...we're getting a little crazy..."
"...we've only gone 2 or 3 weekends without smoking something..."
"...using my tried and true wet rub..."
"...the breast gently enough so I can push..."
"...not worrying about it drying out..."
"...as tender as the ribs and pretty spicy too..."
"...you can see the breast came out very nice..."

Need I say more? Is this what one would call sex with food?

Too much x-rated web surfing apparently. This must stop... or one could become fexually strustrated.

Hmm. I have been awfully distracted with all of this great food all over the place, not to mention the Predators starting in the playoffs tomorrow. Maybe I've been neglecting my innate desires. Either that or I just like to eat a lot. Maybe it's both, who knows.

What I need to do is find that woman who likes to smoke ribs, watch hockey and football, and have lots of sex. Then -problem solved! Or maybe I'm just thinking too much. I'm pretty damn happy as it is, 99 problems and whatnot.

Exit question (not for family members): has anyone else reading this blog found as many sexual connotations as "Sue" did in other posts?

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