Thursday, April 26, 2007

Listen Folks, Carbon Offsets Are Stupid.

Think about it. When you are on a diet to lose weight, are you allowed to buy calorie-offsets? If your doctor tells you to quit smoking, can you pay someone else to stop smoking for you? If your lawn needs to be cut, do you pay someone to cut their own lawn instead?

No, you do it your damn self. If you eco-nuts want to lower CO2 levels, than do it yourself don't pay someone else to do it.

Do you now see how unbelievably stupid this is?

Here's a comment I just left at one of my favorite blogs, Protein Wisdom

Al Gore:”....mgrrblr...You see because Gloubaul Warhmingh....can be reduced by carbon offsets.....I buy mine from Generation Investment Management, and theirs are great. They like totally kill off gloubaul warhmingh. The best offsets you can buy!”

Inquisitive Tennessean: “Um, hey Al, aren’t you on the board of Generation Investment Mgmt? So basically you’re buying offsets from yourself? Cause if that’s true, well, that’s pretty weak man. You sound as stupid as Cameron Diaz did on “Trippin’”."

Al Gore:”You know I invented the internet, right?”

Inquisitive Tennessean: “I can’t fucking believe I voted for you in 2000. You're such a tool.”

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