Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Baby Back Smoked Ribs And A Big Thanks To Those Who Served

Today we will be feasting on baby back smoked ribs along with some beer butt chickens covered in Montreal rub.

The smoked rib method we have perfected continues to get refined, and this time we tried some different rubs on each rack. The results were pretty amazing as usual. In case anyone wants the recipe, we laid out our method during the Super Bowl and you can see the directions here-

Tmans Ribs

Starting off you need smoker. You can spend a few thousand dollars on serious smokers, or you can try what we did. We went with a Char-Broil 4754512 Electric Water Smoker, which our local Home Depot had in a box for $60. It fits up to 50 pounds of meat and the electric smoker has the advantage of being consistent with the low heat making it pretty much idiot proof for your first smoker.

Thanks to some customer reviews of this particular smoker at, we figured out how to max the consistent "ideal" temperature for the smoker in cold weather by covering whole thing in a blanket.

After you decide on the smoker, you need something to smoke. We took Jack Daniels Smoking Chips which are made from old Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrels, espresso and "Made in the Shade" coffee beans from Bongo Java, and soaked them in apple cider and water.

Inside the smoker you have a water pan, and you have to make sure this stays filled during the smoking process so the meat doesnt't dry out (tip: in cold weather use hot water), so we learned to cover the water pan with foil and leave a hole in the pan. Our pan was filled with red wine, apple cider and water.

First thing with ribs is to take the membrane off the back of the rack. Clip an end of the membrane and grip it with a paper towel, it should come off with one pull.

Next we used an overnight marinade consisting of Coca Cola, cayenne, cumin, bay leaves cayenne and Stubbs Barbeque Sauce.

Take another day after the marinade and let the ribs soak in your dry rub of choice. The longer you can let them sit the better. We go one day in the marinade and 12-18 hours in the rub.

We actually wash the ribs after both the marinade and the rub to get rid of any grit or imperfections, and them place them in foil smothered in Stubbs BBQ sauce. The foil is left half opened with the meat side down and the fat in the meat cooks the ribs along with the BBQ sauce.

After around seven hours in the smoker, here are your Memorial Day Smoked Ribs...


Enjoy the day folks, and thank a veteran if you can!

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