Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Army of David's Just Ate Themselves

It's the same reason Ned Lamont got spanked by Joe Lieberman in the last election. It's the same reason why Christopher Hitchens completely annihilates the useful idiot Christopher Hedges in the following video (brought to you courtesy of Zombie,read here for the full breakdown of this debate -

Here's the money quote from the above video-"I ask you: You pick that kind of relativism, you'll also find you're dealing with a very surreptitious form of absolutism, which is only capable of describing as fascistic relatively comical forces (who I've denounced up- and downhill all my life in the United States), but cannot use the word totalitarianism about the religion that actually conducts jihad, actually organizes totalitarianism, actually inflicts misery, pain, unemployment, and despair upon millions of people, and then claims what it has done as the license for suicide and murder. A perfect picture [gesturing towards Chris Hedges] has been given to you of the cretinous relationship between sloppy moral relativism, half-baked religious absolutism, and the journalism that lies in between. "

The Left is eating itself.

And it just happened here in Nashville, regarding the recent dismantling of Brittney Gilbert and Nashville Is Talking.

The right simply hasn't been online long enough to do it to themselves, and I suppose it's inevitable just like any other facet of human nature.

But at this point, to borrow a phrase from Charles Johnson,

"Leftist Blogosphere Reaches Bottom, Digs.."

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