Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's A Colorado Celebration!!

Ward Churchill gets served a venti decaf soy cup of SHUT THE HELL UP by Mr. Brown-

"University of Colorado Ethnic Studies Professor Ward Churchill was fired this week after the university's Board of Regents approved my recommendation to dismiss him for academic fraud.....The University of Colorado's reputation was called into question in the matter of Ward Churchill. His claim that he was singled out for his free speech is a smokescreen.

Controversy -- especially self-sought controversy -- doesn't immunize a faculty member from adhering to professional standards. If you are a responsible faculty member, you don't falsify research, you don't plagiarize the work of others, you don't fabricate historical events and you don't thumb your nose at the standards of the profession. More than 20 of Mr. Churchill's faculty peers from Colorado and other universities found that he committed those acts. That's what got him fired.

Even great universities have problems. Places with thousands of faculty and tens of thousands of mostly young students are not immune to trouble. But a university's reputation will only be strengthened when it works to ensure that it remains accountable to those it serves."

Mr. Brown, a former U.S. senator, is president of the University of Colorado.

And then during an intellectual blogscuffle Jeff Goldstein disseminates another leftist professor of hypocrisy in a devastating online dissertation of the fallacy of race.

The strategy for race, as I’ve noted a hundred times, is to continue the work of demystifying the concept. The science we knew to be faulty after, say, 1936. But we’ve kept the program of “race” alive for various social reasons over the years — beginning with bigoted ones aimed at discriminating against blacks, and continuing on to those that now privilege certain protected “races” and identity groups over others, even as the decision on how we choose which “races” are in need of special dispensation seems random. Asians, for instance, aren’t granted minority status for purposes of race-based affirmative action — and yet the Chinese were used as indentured servants to build railroads. And the Japanese were in camps at about the same time that middle class blacks were beginning to thrive up north — and Jews were being shoved into ovens overseas......
My contention is — much like John Roberts’ — has been, for over a decaded now, that the way to end an overdetermination on race is, first, to get the government out of the business of (to borrow a certain professor’s formulation) “legitimizing” it.

It’s a hard habit to break, sure — particularly for those who might feel guilty about their successes. But as far as I’m concerned, it is the best strategy toward achieving a truly color-blind society, as well as one committed to the equality of the sexes (in terms of opportunity).

Again, nothing I’m proposing would do away with anti-discrimination laws. Conversely, what I’m calling for is an equal application of anti-discrimination laws — and for the Supreme Court to stop pretending that they are a set of philosopher kings who can decide how to shape social policy by lending credence to anti-liberal ideas like “diversity” as it is currently practiced.

It’s simple, really. Read the Constitution. Go from there.

My Mom and my Sister just moved to Colorado recently. Maybe they know something that I don't. Well, not maybe. They know a whole bunch of stuff that I don't.

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