Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vince Bowl I-Year Two For Houston, Bosox Against The Wall Again, And Them Preds Sure Don't Look So Good

Yes, it is time for Vince Bowl I-Year Two, a term I came across from my favorite Texans blogger Matt at Da Good, Da Bad and Demeco. This year he and I are wagering on both Titans-Texans games, and the loser must send a bottle of the winners choice, to be drank in a merry victory round. We've been going back on the forth on the whole 2006 Houston Draft Day saga, as I still believe the guy on the left in this picture was the best pick, but these Texans fans are consistent in defending the pick and fully expect to see it redeemed. I fully expect to watch Lendale "Bowling Ball" White pick up some serious yards in this game as the Texans run defense is allowing ridiculous numbers. Let's hope all Vince has to do is hand the ball off to Lendale all day, as the last thing this team needs is for Vince to further injure his quad. Kudos to the Titans defense this year as they've played beyond anyones expectations. Should be a good game.

Then we have my beloved Bosox attempting to write another fall masterpiece comeback, this time from down 3-1. Can we do it? Will Manny shut up and play baseball? Will Beckett pitch lights out? Will we finally see the last of those stupid "It's Tribe Time" banners from Cleveland?

Let's ask Manny!

Ahh. Thanks Manny!

And the Nashville Predators. Here's how I would sum up the current state of this years Nashville Predators-

Yep. Gonna be a long weekend.

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