Thursday, October 25, 2007

Would Ted Rall Get Accepted To Harvard Law School?

The reason I ask is because today I read Ted's latest sickening excuse for a cartoon at the blog Weasel Zippers. I'm not going to post the cartoon because I don't want to soil my own blog, but Rall essentially makes the point before the war in Iraq America was "dumber than dirt" but as Americans enlisted "only idiots signed up, only idiots died. Back home the national IQ soared".

Hey Ted, a friend of mine who enlisted after 9/11 is now at Harvard Law School, after serving around three tours in Iraq. You wouldn't hold a candle next to him on an intellectual level. And I know plenty of others who have served who are light years more intelligent than you.

You don't deserve the freedoms that they defend for you.

This is a perfect time to honor Lt. Michael P. Murphy, who grew up in Patchogue NY, and joined the elite Navy SEALs after college. He has been awarded the nation's highest battlefield award, the Medal of Honor, for a valiant attempt to save the lives of comrades that cost him his own.

Thanks to all of our Armed Forces for your service to our country.

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