Monday, March 03, 2008

If Hillary Says She Is Proud Of Her Vote To Authorize The War In Iraq

I will seriously give her money to win.

I'm not a republican, nor am I a democrat.

But if Hillary would stand up and say-

"Look, I voted for us to get rid of Saddam because it was the responsible thing for me to do as a leader of this country and I have no regrets about it whatsoever"

I would literally hang farking signs from my apartment window. What is so hard about standing up for a decision you made that benefited a large population of people, that got rid of a psychotic dictator who was torturing his own people while hiring Islamic terrorists bombers like they were boyscouts selling candy?

Someone should be ashamed for this? I've been reading about this latest media idiocy regarding Obama and his screw up confusing which democratic senator voted against the war, or as Tom Maguire puts it "Let's All Apologize To Obama For Misunderstanding Him", and I don't understand why it's so honorable to have voted against getting rid of a psychopathic dictator. Even Samantha Power, one of Obama's main foreign policy advisers, believes that even though the US has been responsible for allowing several different genocides to happen in the last century (or so says her Pulitzer prize-winning novel "A Problem From Hell: America and the Age of Genocide") "My criterion for military intervention--with a strong preference for multilateral intervention--is an immediate threat of large-scale loss of life," she has said. "That's a standard that would have been met in Iraq in 1988 but wasn't in 2003." (source)

Why wouldn't that standard still be relevant in 2003? Because he hadn't killed enough thousands that year? He was kinda "chilling out man" about that whole genocide thing?

I hope no one from North Korea is reading this. Because if Obama is elected, your hopes for regime change and subsequent freedom will become much like those Iraqis that Obama ignored.

This is why I would campaign for Hillary. Because she is the only one to stop this idiocy left. Sorry John, but you will be the Nixon to Obamas cult of Kennedy.

Only one can stop him now..........

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