Thursday, December 16, 2004

France Opens Worlds Tallest Bridge...........

....(via Chicagoboyz)

And man, it is a big one....

It's designed by British architect Norman Foster. The steel-and-concrete bridge with its streamlined diagonal suspension cables rests on seven pillars, the tallest measuring 1,122 feet, making it 53 feet higher than the Eiffel Tower.

And, never one to miss out on an oppurtunity to say something monumentally stupid, Jacques Chirac-

"This exceptional opening will go down in industrial and technological history," Chirac said, praising the designers and builders for creating "a prodigy of art and architecture -a new emblem of French civil engineering."

The bridge will serve as a symbol of "a modern and conquering France," he said.

Um, Jacques, it was designed by a Brit, and the company used to get the thing up in the air was an American company- ENERPAC.

And "a modern and conquering France"? Only in France do they claim to conquer something by building a bridge OVER LAND. Yes Jacques, you have certainly conquered those nasty traffic jams in the french countryside. Vive' La Revolution!!

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