Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another Fabulous Night In Nashville.

And it was a precursor to St. Patrick's Day no less.

The Nashville Predators are THE REAL DEAL. Thomas Vokoun, Stevie Sullivan, the new guy Brandon Witt, even good ole Darcy Hordichuk got into it with a goal tonight. What a great team, and man am I lucky as hell to get to watch them. We had seats in section 102 row E where you are in between the sections of seats, thus you get your own folding chair, cup holder, personal space, usher, etc. Styling.

Vokoun got another shutout, Preds win. All is well.

Officially, it's Saint Patrick's Day right now, but I have some sleeping to do first.

Did you know that folks in Ireland don't really care that today is "St. Patrick's day"?

Saint Patrick.

I'm sad that I'm not enjoying my second annual trip to DC, but happy that I have such great friends to be around, no matter where I am.

Please, make sure you behave incredibly irresponsible tonight. Don't hurt anyone or whatever, but don't act conservative either. Woudn't want to disappoint Saint Patrick now, would you?

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