Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So Is Iraq Turning In To Another Korea?

My buddy Adam (whose birthday it was this evening, hope he enjoyed it) proposed this analogy tonight. I can't remember whether he was quoting someone or he thought of it himself. He may have thought of it himself, he is smart enough. Either way, this analogy has probably been floated around before. And it is far more relevant than the Vietnam-Iraq analogy.

The US Military again has proven that it is the single most liberating force in the world. South Korea has flourished economically since the Korean War, and has managed to avoid the fate that other ex-Russian soviet puppet states have been forced to endure.

Here's my photographic evidence. This is a recent night time satellite photo of the Korean peninsula. Notice the difference between the North and the South.

I hope that the the analogy here means that the Islamic terrorists are the North and the Iraqi people are the South. And eventually, the North will no longer be able to stop its own people from turning on some frickin lights at night so they can enjoy themselves.

Sounds about right.

Zarqawi, your days are numbered in the double digits scumbag.

Sleep tight.

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