Saturday, February 23, 2008

2008 Inaugural Post Football Season Pork-Off!

Just because football season is over doesn't mean we can't still have a tailgate sized feast. My contribution to our first Pork-Off is the following...

Roast Stuffed Pork Loin-

I bought about 4 pounds of Pork loin, and it came wrapped in two big chunks. I took the string off and butterflied the meat, opening them up and then marinating them overnight in coffee and chili powder. The marinade suggestion is courtesy of my mom, the senior head chef of the family. Today I layered the inside with roasted red tomatoes, red bell pepper, and parmesan cheese. I took a knife and made slits in the roasts so I could fit slivers of garlic inside. I then wrapped the roasts in thin slices of Speck, which is a panceta-like deli meat, followed by a coating in Panko breadcrumbs. I put the whole roast on a bed of potatoes, onions and peppers with some fresh rosemary and thyme for flavor. Here it before I put it in the oven..

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