Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Best Job Interview Cheat Sheet Ever

Fortunately for me I don't need to worry about the fun and excitement of job interviews at the moment as I am currently employed. However, when I applied for my current job I spent a lot of time reading how to "nail the interview". I also spent a decent amount of time at my previous job interviewing people for various jobs.

Everything you need to know about nailing an interview is in this page, with video evidence.

How To Nail An Interview (22 Tips)

What is it that certain people say or do during a job interview that makes them stand out? Why do some people struggle to find work, while others land a job in no time? I wanted to know, and the only way to find out was to experience the interview from the other side of the table. If I could be the one asking the interview questions, not answering, I could see first hand what made candidates stand out. I could then take that knowledge and cater my behavior in any future interview to give myself the best chance of getting hired.............

Hope this helps somebody....

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