Monday, April 13, 2009

I don't get it.

Lefty bloggers complain that the Democrats aren't paying them enough to pimp their message.

Jane Hamsher

They come to us, expecting us to give them free publicity, and we do, but it’s not a two way street,” Jane Hamsher, the founder of FiredogLake, said in an interview. “They won’t do anything in return. They’re not advertising with us. They’re not offering fellowships. They’re not doing anything to help financially, and people are growing increasingly resentful.

Markos (spit!) Moulitsas-

“Most want the easy way — having a big blogger promote their agenda,” adds Markos Moulitsas, the founder of DailyKos. “Then they turn around and spend $50K for a one-page ad in the New York Times or whatever.”

Since none of the supposedly "right side" bloggers I read regularly have ever been paid a dime, much less actively on the payroll of the Democratic party, I don't understand how these same leftist bloggers are now complaining that the Tea Party Protests are somehow financed by the right, as if this isn't something of which they JUST COMPLAINED ABOUT NOT GETTING ENOUGH?


They think Fox News and Rick Santelli started the Tea Party protests?

Are they really this stupid?

This is a rhetorical question.

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