Monday, May 09, 2005

Couldn't Say It Better Meeself.....


Stephen Green over at Vodkapundit has some great news for which he is deserving of many congratulations-

Melissa is pregnant. She's due in December. We have a tiny little vodkaswiller on the way, to be delivered undoubtedly by a schnockered stork.

Go and wish him well. They will both be great parents, of that I have little doubt.

However, this great news is buried deep in an article that voices some thoughts that I've had over the last few weeks. In particular about the War against Islamic terrorism, and blogging thereof.-

What exhausts me most – and what on bad days, just absolutely disgusts me - is that after three-plus years, I still haven't gotten a single worthwhile point through to a single person who should be my ally already.

I'm talking, of course, about the Terror War. I'm talking, of course, about people who ought to be on the leading edge of the (for lack of a better phrase) propaganda campaign, but aren't.

But where are my allies?

Much of the pro-choice lobby thinks it's just dandy if half of the Arab world is confined to the abaya. Many of my gay friends have apparently decided that, if some countries want to topple stone walls on top of their local gays, that's not the concern of San Francisco. "Porn for me but not for thee" is the attitude of about every pornographer who has ever expressed an opinion on the Terror War. And the TV and movie moguls make the porn kings look brave by comparison.

Where the hell are my allies?

I've had many of the same thoughts recently, most notably in my attempts to debate the justifications for removing Saddam in the first place. It seems that a case of amnesia has settled over the anti-war crowd in the sense that they forgot that as far back as 1998 the official US government policy was the removal of Saddam Hussein. That Bush was finally able to lay the groundwork for putting our military where our mouth was shouldn't have come as a shock to anyone. How anyone could to this day, after all we know, argue that it was a BAD THING to remove a mass-murdering psychopathic dictator with a penchant for building and using WMD's, supporting and financing Islamic terrorists, and preaching the "wisdom" of Mein Kampf to his followers is beyond me. It seems that there are many people who suffer from a lapse in logic on these grounds.

And just like Stephen, I'm tired of holding peoples hands so they can read the fine print of why we went to war in Iraq in the first place.

For those who did forget, here it is again.

Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq

If one reads that resolution, and believes that the only reason we went to War in Iraq was because of a pile of Sarin gas shells then I can't explain it any better. Fortunately, all but 2 people in congress had that problem, and that resolution passed easily.

Yet another point lost on many people.

Rant over, just kind of wanted to get that one out.

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