Thursday, May 12, 2005

Huffingtons Post Versus Huffingtonstoast......


Yes, Arianna Huffington has a group lovefest/blog started up where they all pat each other on the back and think of new and exciting ways to make fun of Bush.

I'm curious as to why people listen to this windbag in the first place. Wasn't she an unabashed Republican conservative until she fleeced her ex-husband and needed to remain in the spotlight to keep paying for her fake accent lessons? Didn't anyone else notice the strange conversion process/bullshit opportunism here? And another thing, with her and Bill Maher- who pays/sleeps with who in order to maintain each others relevance?

All so very confusing.

The one bright spot of Arianna's new adventure is the parody site set up called Huffingtonstoast. Not only does it righteously skewer the Huffington madness, but it sticks a knife in the heart of the egosphere and twists it nice and slow. Many of the jokes will be inside for those unfamiliar with the regular blog communities, but for those that understand them, they are HI-larious.

Two favorites so far are-

I’m Too Sexy for This Faith
May 12th, 2005
not really by Andrew Sullivan

and for the Hunter fans (he's probably laughing at this one too)

The Great Mark Hunt
May 12th, 2005
not really by Hunter S. Thompson

Some classic stuff....

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