Friday, May 21, 2004

But what does this have to do with Gay Marriage?................

Last night I was talking with my bud Ryan about the total lack of reality that seems to have unhinged the media elites in this country and left them alienating more and more of their readers and viewers (WSJ excluded).

Then I read this from the Instapundit-

"THIS POLL suggests that the media really are out of touch on Iraq. Note these questions:

20. On the situation in Iraq today, where do you think most of the problems are being created?

1. In Iraq 23%
2. In Washington, DC, or 18
3. In the news media 27
4. (Combination) 21
5. (All) 8
6. (None) -
7. (Not sure) 3

27. Which of the following news stories upset you more?

1. The abuse of Iraqi prisoners
by U.S. soldiers 8%
2. The beheading of an American
civilian by Muslim terrorists 60

3. (Both equal) 29
4. (Not sure) 3

28. Do you think the media spent an excessive amount of time covering either of the following news stories?

1. The Iraqi prisoner abuse story 34%
2. The beheading of American Nick Berg 9
3. (Both were covered excessively) 35
4. (Neither was covered excessively) 15
5. (Not sure) 7

Now it seems that instead of simply alienating their audience, the media is beginning to be more than a hindrance in this war, they are Talking us in to Defeat...

"May 21, 2004
Congress, Media Could Talk U.S. Into Iraq Defeat
By Mort Kondracke

The American establishment, led by the media and politicians, is in danger of talking the United States into defeat in Iraq. And the results would be catastrophic.

The media - unperturbed by mistakenly likening both the Afghan war and last year's invasion of Iraq to Vietnam - focuses overwhelmingly on the bad news coming out of Iraq. There is plenty of bad news - but there is also much good, and it is being almost completely ignored.

Some Members of Congress - either out of a passion to defeat President Bush, pique at not being listened to by the Bush administration, or simply a need to hear their own voices - are declaring the war "unwinnable" or "a quagmire," or are demanding an "exit strategy."

Both the media and Congress are obsessed with the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. It is awful, but both institutions are treating it as if it were the most important occurrence of the war.

The decapitation of Nicholas Berg - which, it merits reminding, required several cuts of the knife to stop his screaming - was a front-page story for just one day. Only one newspaper that I know of, the Dallas Morning News, plus the Weekly Standard magazine, made the point that Berg's murder is "why we fight."

By now, Abu Ghraib has been a lead story for weeks. And Congress has gone so far as to pull top U.S. commanders back from the battle zone to grill them about it - just as America's enemies are launching what they hope will be the Iraqi equivalent of the 1968 Tet offensive, hoping to undermine the June 30 handover of power to Iraqis. "

We found WMD's in Iraq, the sarin shell is a particularly nasty version of WMD's, known as a binary weapon, which Saddam lied to the UN about having for years. I know, how shocking.

The Commisar at Politburo Diktat has noticed that the lefty bloggers are, um, how shall you say- MUM- about this discovery?

Da Comrades.

The problem with this discovery is that it was apparently unmarked, meaning we have no idea how many of these still may be in some ammo dump somewhere in east bumbF*** Iraq. Or buried under the desert like those MIG's we found. Either way, FIND THEM FIND THEM FIND THEM!!!!

Is anyone else getting as sick as I am with the way the liberal media is participating in this anti-american orgy?

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