Monday, May 31, 2004

I get comments, I get comments, I get lots and lots of comments..........

Actually I don't get lots of comments. Which is fine, I'm not pretending that this little page of web is anything special. I'm a realist. I do like when folks disagree on a major issue though. I enjoy the new perspective.

So I made a post for Memorial Day. I was trying to show how the US is not your typical "Empire" in that the majority of the wars our nation has bled the most for were wars against evil. Not Empire. We wanted to survive, not dominate. I thought Powell said it best-

"I don't think I have anything to be ashamed of or apologize for with respect to what America has done for the world."

Has the US done some horrible things?


Is the US responsible for the world?


Has the US been a force for good in the world?


Is the US wanting to take over the world?

HELLL no.....

We want to have fun and vacation. Screw Empire building, live free and prosper dammit.

There were some comments left on the last post I wanted to address-

sarah wrote-

"Attention- micheal moore does speak for me on many levels. That is what makes this country what it is, Do not generalize this once great land for your own ego's sake. we do not all feel the same way as you."

I apologize for sounding as if I spoke for this "once" great land. That would be foolish to think. I actually think that folks like Michael Moore speak to people like sarah to hear themselves talk and be idolized as some modern day hero, when in reality the real heros are the people in Iraq or Afghanistan right now. Or any number of places the citizens of the US are volunteering to help liberate the world. It's not for my ego. And I am not suprised that everyone does not feel as I do. That's OK. I don't expect them to. But I respect those like Pat Tillman far more than those such as Michael Moore. I think people like Pat do more to help the world than those like Moore. That's my opinion.

Thanks for commenting sarah, I respect your opinion.

Truepatriot wrote:
"Colin Powell is a man who deserves a monument constructed and dedicated to his past service to our fair country.

I bet he doesn't think so. I bet he thinks he's just another American trying to do right, and doesn't believe that his contribution is any more meaningful that anyone else's.

He has truly seemed to be a saint in a sea of thieves. That's why, comming from his lips, the quote mentioned in "Memorial Day and Empire Building" is curious. The United States has plenty of real estate left to accomidate the burial of its dead.

In our country, yes. Sometimes those that die, like in WWII, get buried in places like Normandy. We don't own Normandy, but quite a disproportionate amount of people from the US died to liberate a stretch of beach in France. Mr Powell isn't trying to say there wasn't room in Nebraska, just that we weren't in Normandy for some French real estate.

No one goes to war unless there are politacal, strategic or economic ends to be met and the Iraqi War is no different.

Yep, sure isn't. Fortunately, like most International Wars the US has been involved with the political, strategic and economic goals met were beneficial to the occupied party.

Anyone who believes otherwise knows little about the history of the U.S. or the world. Powell is right in asserting that the United States hasn't asked for anything. It has simply taken it.

So we just "took" Iraq? Um, I don't think so.

Is the Secretary aware of the conditions by which Germany and Japan were aloud to continue to exist after WWII?

In fact, I imagine that Mr Powell spent many hours studying the conditions by which Germany and Japan were aloud to continue to exist after WWII, because those conditions led to peace and prosperity for both of those countries. We should be so lucky in Iraq.

Tman, you and Powell are, on this point, misguided at best. The differnce only is that Powell knows better."

I'm not exactly sure what I am misguided about.......

Perhaps you'd like to comment?

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