Monday, May 03, 2004

What liberal bias in the news?.........................

There were two news stories from this weekend that can show you just how slanted and biased the news is these days, in case anyone was wondering.

First, we have the story of the Iraqi prisoners at Abu Gharib, which for obvious reasons is getting all kinds of attention. I agree that the morons from the US Armed Forces should be held completely accountable, and they will most likely end up in a military prison breaking rocks for a very very long time, as well they should.

Then, you have the story of the latest attack by Palestinians on Jewish settlers in Gaza. Were the Palestinians fighting back against the Israeli army? Sure, if you consider the army made up of four children and a pregnant mother. That's right, those brave "freedom fighters" in Palestine walked up to a car carrying a pregnant mother and her four children and shot them all dead at point blank range.

Inspired by a post from The Gantelope, I also ran the following search through Googles news services to see the results.

["iraqi prisoners" American prison]

[pregnant woman palestinian]

The results? 3210 stories about the "barbaric, cruel, inhumane, Saddam like torture of the poor oppressed Iraqi soldiers." I'm not defending the idiots in the Army who did this, but come on folks, worse than Saddam? They are still alive aren't they?

For the pregnant women in Israel? 464 hits. And the majority of the stories have little to nothing to do with the tragedy that occured in Gaza. Not only that, but as The Gantelope mentions, the members of Hamas, Fatah, and Islamic Jihad all praised the gunmen as "heroic".

Here's a picture of the dangerous threat to the Palestinians existence- Mother and Daughters.

So according to our "non-biased fair and balanced media" it is more appalling and newsworthy to report and condemn the bad judgement of service personnell gaurding Iraqi prisoners than it is to report and at least ATTEMPT to condemn the cowardly act of the palestinian gunmen...They were shooting a PREGNANT WOMAN AT POINT BLANK RANGE for godsakes.......Unbelievable....

Update: Cox and Forkum, as usual, hit the nail on the head.....

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