Wednesday, May 05, 2004

An Egyptian lists his Pro-American Countries............

Just read this latest post from the Big Pharoah, an Egyptian blog.......

The attitudes of the Kurds lead us to ponder about who are the most pro-America people in the world. After listening to the news for several years, I can come up with this list:

1) Kurds
2) Eastern Europeans (USA helped them in defeating communism and establishing freedom; 100,000 Romanians stood in the pouring rain to listen to a speech by Bush)
3) Israelis
4) Older generation of South Koreans (those fought along with US soldiers so that they won’t end up starving under the yoke of the North Korean leader)
5) A large number of Iranians (the only Muslims who automatically held street vigils after 911 all by themselves)
6) French who live around Normandy!
7) A good number of Kuwaitis.
8) Secular Iraqis and moderate religious Iraqis.

Of course there might be more groups but I can only think of those. Now, the US can learn a lot from why those groups love her. That’s for another post.

No big suprises there...I do wish that we could simply leave all but the Kurdish areas of Iraq to fend for themselves, and get our troops out of harms way, but this would not accomplish what we set out to do over there. We must continue to work towards getting the entire nation to assume responsibility for the country and its security. Only then will we have started to tip the dominoes of the middle eastern regimes enough that they may fall as well.

Iran's Islamic regime knows that if we succeed in Iraq in implementing democracy, their days will be numbered less so than they already are. And that is why not only Iran, but the other despotic tyrants of the middle east see the future in all too clear terms. They must not let us succeed, or they too will go the way of Saddam once the Iraqi people can truly taste democracy and liberty.

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