Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Eddie George Era is Over.........Antoine Smith to replace him?

.............A sad day for Tennessee Titans fans as Eddie George was officially released from his contract yesterday. The difference between what the Titans could pay and what Eddie wanted was somewhere around $1 million. I know, sad. Eddie is a freaking millionaire and decided he wanted to get more money somewhere else.

Obviously, Coach Fisher and other teammates have to respect his decision, but I don't.

Eddie, you are a moron. You were worshipped in Nashville as a God. You were paid handsomely for the years you played with the franchise. You owned a restaurant downtown which was popular. You played with future hall of famers every Sunday. The Titans have one of the winningest records over the last five years in the NFL. You know we will be in the playoffs this year. We have STEVE MCNAIR. You were the emotional leader of the team. You had a fan base that loved you, I would always stick up for you when you had a bad game, or did something stupid.

No more.

You lost all sympathy with me. I no longer will argue you belong in the Hall Of Fame, even though I think you do deserve to be there. You don't deserve to have anyone from Nashville support you after the selfish way in which you handled yourself throughout this whole soap opera. A million frickin' dollars? That's all you needed?

Well guess what dumbass. Wherever you end up, you will most likely get less money, and less playing time. Brilliant. The Titans gave you a $1 million dollar roster bonus to keep regardless of the contract, which you did. Then they offered you $1.5 million plus incentives. You would have been the starter, although obviously you would have received less hand-offs this year. You said no. Now you're going to end up as an obscure footnote when the Titans win the Super Bowl. Nice move.

I hope you end up with the Bengals. And I hope even more you end up in the AFC North where your best friend Ray-Ray will get to beat on you twice a year.


The latest rumor has the underrated Antoine Smith, formerly of the New England Patriots, signing with the Titans. He is similar to Eddie, a bruiser type running back in the classic "three yards and a cloud of dust" style. He also has veteran experience, as he has been wearing a Super Bowl ring two out of the last three years. Last season my best bud and I were commenting on how underrated he was. Now we will get to see if we were right.

Au revoir Eddie. We already have removed the giant mural of your picture from the Stadium. The way you left us will make it that mush easier to forget you.

Update:Sounds almost official- Antoine Smith signs for $475,000...

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