Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Tman's Mom has spoken................

.......and being the good little lawyers son, I will respond in kind. For those who wonder what life is like when my Mom and I are together, here's a little taste. We like to argue. And it's her fault that I do. I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of her in court, but since I don't have that problem, here I goes.....

Tman's Mom wrote-

"Timothy, Timothy, Timothy.....where did I go wrong??"

Yes, my real name is Timothy. And you didn't go wrong Mom, I just finally moved out of liberal land and saw the world a little less grey than I used to.

"Monday night's speeches were eloquent, inspiring and calculated (of course.) Gore was self-deprecating but displayed his knowledge of the mistakes we have made in foreign policy,"

Such as? Are we forgetting that what Bush did in regards to foreign policy since he has been in office is basically what Gore was proposing to do while he was vice President? Don't you remember the Iraq Liberation Act? What annoys me the most about the democrats criticism of the war in Iraq is the fact that they were proposing the exact same thing and making the exact same connections between terrorists and Hussein that the Bush administration did. So because he's a republican it's all suddenly wrong? Sorry, try again.

"Carter deserves respect as the most humane ex-pres we have ever had,"

He may well have been the most humane, but I don't think he should be lecturing anyone about how to deal with terrorists.

"and Clinton was his charismatic self, and Hillary, carpetbagger that she is, is a role model for women who seek a future in politics."

But is this a good role model? A carpetbagger?

"I know that you support the war, 68 more people dead today, the country in chaos...yes, Saddam had to go but at whose expense?"

The entire country is not in chaos.

Some examples:

"With additional production increases expected, oil exports this year could add $14 billion to Iraq's threadbare budget, compared with a little more than $5 billion last year, said a senior official with the Coalition Provisional Authority, the occupation government."

"The front page story about Iraq actually concerns its new interim constitution, which, if approved, would be the most progressive such document in the Arab world. Even before the hard bargaining began, there was wide agreement on many of its major features, including the freedom of speech, press and assembly and the free exercise of religion.The constitution provides for an independent judiciary, equal treatment under the law regardless of gender or ethnicity, as well as civilian control over the military."

Doesn't quite sound as chaotic as CNN wants you to believe. Saddam had to go, and since no other country in the world besides the US and the COALITION OF COUNTRIES WHO ARE STILL SUPPORTING OUR ACTIONS (remember them) were willing, we had to do it. It was either that, or let a psychotic billionaire with a penchant for supporting international terrorism and building WMD's continue to do what he was doing while he massacred his own countrymen.

"As far as our allies go...we need them, we need to be able to work with them without pissing them off as our arrogant president delights in doing."

We have allies helping us in Iraq. I think the allies you believe we need who aren't supporting us would be say, Germany and France. Guess what? I don't think we should sacrifice a single policy on the altar of appeasing either Germany or France. The US has subsidized their own militaries for 60 years and effectively provided them a security blanket against Russia during the Cold War. Our troops should leave Germany and let them protect themselves, watch how fast their economies tank once they are forced to spend some serious GDP on defense. If it pisses off France and Germany I say -GOOD.

"It's the stupidity and arrogance that make Bush unbearable...coupled with the fact that he's not running the country (wouldn't know how to)Cheney is."

MBA from Harvard, the first Governor in Texas history to be elected to consecutive four-year terms, yeah what an idiot. Mom the "Bush is so dumb" argument is getting old. They don't just give away MBA's at Harvard, no matter how hard you try and convince me otherwise. And Bush didn't need Cheney while he was getting re-elected governor in Texas.

"Come back to the bright side...leave the darkness...if it takes Kerry to get us there, so be it."

Who's the more foolish: the fool or the fool who follows him?

I have no darkness in my views, and I haven't ruled out Kerry yet. But as I said in the other post, he has to tell me what he's going to do differently or better in regards to ISLAMOFASCISM, or he doesn' get my vote.

I love you too Mom.....

Update: For those wondering why I think we shouldn't listen to the French when it comes to foreign policy need look no further than this latest bleat from Mr. James Lileks...

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