Monday, July 19, 2004

Iran should be liberated, and their regime eliminated............Part V....................

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US sets sights on toppling Iran regime.

"THE US will mount a concerted attempt to overturn the regime in Iran if President Bush is elected for a second term. 
    It would work strenuously to foment a revolt against the ruling theocracy by Iran’s “hugely dissatisfied” population, a senior official has told The Times.
    The United States would not use military force, as in Iraq, but “if Bush is re-elected there will be much more intervention in the internal affairs of Iran”, declared the official, who is determined that there should be no let-up in the Administration’s War on Terror.
    To what extent the official, known to be hawkish, was speaking for the White House was unclear, but his remarks are nevertheless likely to cause alarm in Europe. He hinted at a possible military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, saying that there was a window of opportunity for destroying Iran’s main nuclear complex at Bushehr next year that would close if Russia delivered crucial fuel rods. To destroy Bushehr after the delivery would cause huge environmental damage. The rods would allow the Iranians to obtain enough plutonium for many dozens of nuclear weapons, he said."

  It appears quite obvious now that Iran's Mullarchy has seen the writing on the wall, and they will now start to get desperate to pull out all the stops in every way possible. The connections between Iran and Arab Terrorist groups are too numerous to mention, so we shouldn't have to have the same bullshit argument about these connections that everyone did with Saddam.
  You would think that when a Saddam or a Mullah comes out and publicly admits the connection that there wouldn't really need to be any arguments. You'd be wrong.
  Arab Terrorism may be one thing, and we all know that had an Al-Qaeda had the oppurtunity to kill more of us on 9/11 they would have in a heart beat.  But now we have this-
Iran's 9/11 role revealed: reports
"THE September 11 commission's report, due out Thursday, says Iran may have facilitated the 2001 attacks by providing eight to 10 al-Qaeda hijackers with safe passage to and from training camps in Afghanistan, according to media reports today.Time and Newsweek produced similar reports quoting congressional, commission and government sources.
They said Iran relaxed border controls and provided "clean" passports for the so-called "muscle hijackers" to transit Iran to and from Osama bin Laden's camps between October 2000 and February 2001."

  I wonder, had we learned about this connection on say, November 2001, would Iran still have its Mullarchy? I seem to remember Iran being awful quiet for the rest of 2001. 
  Either way, if another attack is successfully performed in the US prior to the elections, and we find ANY WHATSOEVER connection between the attack and Irans Regime, we need to take the gloves off and turn that Iranian Nuclear Weapons facility at Bushehr (someone explain to me why a country that has more oil than anything else needs a nuclear plant FOR ENERGY) in to a parking lot. 
   Oh wait........Iran city pix blitz puts FBI on alert
"WASHINGTON - The FBI is more worried about workers at Iran's UN mission in New York when it comes to suspicious photo surveillance of city landmarks than those from any other nation, sources said yesterday.
   "The staff of the Iranian mission seems to be the most active in taking photos and video" of potential terror targets, one U.S. law enforcement source said.
   On Tuesday, the State Department announced the expulsion of two security guards at Iran's United Nations mission. The duo was tailed by G-men in New York last week as they videotaped St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, Central Park and transit buses, sources said.
    The FBI watched the men shooting video from the hip and concealing cameras with clothing, according to the sources.
    Iranian agents have been stopped at least six times for similar activity in the past, NYPD and federal officials have said.
    "Should [Iranian officials] start sharing these photos with people we don't care for, it may do us harm," said a federal law enforcement source.
    Yesterday, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) stood in front of the mission's offices at E. 40th St. and Third Ave. and blasted Iran for "spying and deception" that puts "everyone at risk."
"Time after time Iranian employees have gotten caught red-handed," Schumer said. "If it happens once, you say it's unusual. If it happens three times, something is wrong."
Iran is on America's list of state sponsors of terrorism for its notorious ties to Hamas and Hezbollah and for allegedly protecting Al Qaeda leaders.
Iran's mullahs also have been accused by Washington of allowing Jordanian terror kingpin Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi to freely cross the border with Iraq."

 Meester Boosh, Faster please.....
  Update: Michael Leeden elaborates- "The Discovery of Iran: Are you sitting down? Iran is a terrorist state. What a surprise! Terrorists at Iranian military bases! Who ever would have imagined such a thing? "

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