Monday, July 26, 2004

Hoo-kay........that was an interesting weekend........

........First off- Note to self: Do not argue with the pavement at 2:00 on Saturday morning. It's not very conversational, and extremely unforgiving if you try and smack it around. Let's just say I learned my lesson, and will not be fighting gravity or the pavement again anytime soon. Thank goodness I have friends who were kind enough to record the lopsided results of that particular contest in photos. Nothing like digital pictures to make sure no one forgets, right? Well, you blogreaders will have to look elsewhere for those pictures. I embarass myself enough without visual assistance.

In the sports world we have much exciting news.

The Tour de Lance is over, as Lance becomes the only person in history to win it six times. And he did it consecutively, which will be very difficult to match, especially if Lance is still competing in the race. The speculation for another Tour for Lance has begun already, but if Lance is anything like he was this year next year, no one can touch him. He has truly dominated this race for six years, and has proven that he belongs on those top ten greatest athelete lists. Where you put him is somewhat irrelevant, but he has Jordanesque dominance in his sport. Good on ya Lance!


(way to leave the mask on Varitek, good strategy. Now everyone thinks you're a pussy. Next time take it off and close the fist when swinging at A-Rod.)

Then we have the Evil Empire visiting my native birthplace of Boston to write yet another chapter in the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. As usual this fine sport produced a battle worthy of the great Ali-Foreman matches, and on Saturday, after they got done beating each other up they actually played some Baseball. Saturday nights come from behind victory coupled with the brawl could be a turning point for the Bosox, we shall see. Taking two of three from the evil empire works for me. And a game winning homer off of Rivera was twice as nice. Let's not forget, it's only July.

Then we have the Ricky Williams retirement story. Ricky stood to lose $650,000 of salary for smoking pot this season. My guess is Ricky decided he would rather retire and do what he wanted than force himself to conform to the NFL's rules and requirements. There is a statistic I heard last night on ESPN that said something like 80% of the NBA are regular users of marijuana. If that's true, it has to be similar in the NFL. To say that any sport is pot-free would be silly. Just legalize the damn stuff and leave the players alone. If Ricky was smoking a joint and still running for 1800 yards, how can you argue that it's bad for the game? Steroids are different, for obvious reasons, but Pot was not enhancing Rickys game, it was simply a relaxation tool. I don't blame Ricky for anything, it's not his obligation to play in the NFL, he can do whatever he wants. If he decides he wants to do something else, then he should do something else. End of story. But I am certainly not disappointed to hear the Titans opening day will be against a team whose season is essentially over before it started. Travis Minor? I can't wait.

To recap: The Red Sox, Lance Armstrong, the Nashville Pavement and The AFC East won big this weekend, and the Yankees, France, my forehead and Dolphin fans got spanked. That was definitely an interesting one. On to the week..........

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