Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Go Get 'Em Boys.............

.......Iraq Police Net Over 500 Suspects in Baghdad

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi police seized more than 500 criminal suspects in raids in Baghdad Tuesday, an Interior Ministry source said.

"Till now the police have arrested 527 people in Rusafa," the source said, referring to a swathe of Baghdad on the east bank of the Tigris river. He said the raids had begun in the early hours and were still under way.

"The number (of detainees) is more than we expected," he told Reuters, adding that those held included suspected drug dealers and weapons traders.

He said the raids would continue in the Rusafa area, and would be expanded to other areas of the capital.

"Organized crime is present in many areas, and we have to end it," the source said.

Reuters then goes on to say the bleedingly obvious with this statement-

"The former Iraqi president released all common criminals as part of an amnesty in October 2002, a move that many say has contributed to a surge in crime."

Ya think? I wonder if perhaps any of these suspects are also perhaps not Iraqi's at all?

Since the news media would have to admit that they are terrorist-appeasing, dictator-fellating sellouts to actually report the news right now, we have to rely on Iraqis to tell us the rest of the story.

Mohammed at Iraq the Model has am interesting conversation with a fellow Iraqi-

One square kilometer.

At the end of his conversation Mohammed wonders aloud- "Then I told myself: if some Iraqis, living in Iraq, watching the changes being done under their noses fail to see the truth and still depend on the media to tell them what’s going on in their own country then how can we blame people who live thousands of miles away for thinking similarly!?"

We wonder the same thing Mohammed.

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