Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Weekend Recap: Miss Nastily Descends On Nashvegas.......


Yes, this weekend was the visit from the lovely, talented, quick-witted, intelligent, and ever-so entertaining Miss Nastily. For your blog-reading pleasure, I give you the recap...don't thank me, I'm a giver....

Friday Night: She arrives, we go do Sushi at the always quiet, always fresh sushi shop in Green hills- Ginza. Mmmmmmm...........saaakki.....

After dinner, we went to -you guessed it- Jacksons Bar and Bistro to get her acquainted with my local crew as well as the always entertaining staff. Beers, Jagers, beers, and then on to Jacksons sister restaurant -Rumba- for some Zaya. One drink there and then off to the Bound'ry, to meet yet some more crew and some more highly entertaining Bar Staff. Final round at McGuiness, where Miss Nastily demonstrated that she belongs with the big dogs joining us in an Irish Car Bomb for a night cap.

Saturday: Get in line at the Pancake Pantry, which at the time seemed like a good idea, but as usual, the longer you wait the hungrier you get, and by the time we got our food, we probably could have grown the ingredients and cooked it faster ourselves. But no biggie, she liked the combo pancakes and was her usual upbeat self.
Ma nature decided that Saturday was a nice day -to poop on. Friggin 35 degrees in late April and raining? Whatever. We went to the Parthenon, 'cause she's in to Gods and Goddesses 'n stuff. I told you already, she's cool. Despite our late arrival to the Parthenon, the staff allowed us to sneak in for the last few minutes to get a glimpse of Athena and the other exhibits.

After that, we went to go see the Battle Of Nashville Monument, originally created in 1927 by Giuseppe Moretti, who was also the sculptor behind the Statue of Vulcan, at aptly named Vulcan Park in Birmingham. I drive by the Nashville monument almost every day, yet I had never stopped to read the inscriptions on it until I learned about Moretti from the Vulcan exhibit when I went to Birmingham. I now call it the Moretti Connection, just cause that sounds cool. We have a Moretti Connection....heh...

After our monumental tour of Nashville (get it? Monumental? HA! I slay me!), we changed up and headed over to meet my bass player Edwin and his fiancee JD at Mambu for dinner. Mambu, as usual, did not disappoint. We had shrimp goyza dumplings for an appetizer, I had pine-nut encrusted halibut with sauteed spinach and asparagus with lobster/sweet potato ravioli's and new potatoes smothered in a lobster-cream broth- she had the Lamb shank, meat just falling off the bone. After dinner we went to Jacksons for a round, followed by some Chimay at PM.

The next morning we got up early enough to get in some coffee at Bongo Java, followed by a trip to Boscos Brewery for their Jazz brunch.

After brunch, we went to see a Nashville Sounds game with a friend of Miss Nastily from Birmingham who was up to see his buddy play for the Cubs farm team. Tough to beat a sunny Sunday afternoon of triple A baseball.

Alas, the clock had run out on our weekend, and it was time for her to go. I would say the weekend was a success, and I look forward to escorting the Lovely Miss Nastily around our fair city again at some point in the future.

Did I mention how cool she is? How about how smart and witty? Attractive? All that my friends.

If you're interested, she has posted some pics of the visit on flickr-

One for the Nashville Sounds Game, and one for the Nashville Monuments.

What? No, that's all I'm saying about the visit, and frankly that's none of your business. I can tell you this though, I felt pretty damn lucky to be escorting such a beautiful and intelligent woman around Nashville the whole weekend. I do hope to do it again some time again in the future. Preferably sooner than later.

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