Monday, March 22, 2004

Live from Idiotarian central...................The Anti-war Protests!!!

(shaking head), the war is over dude. We won. So did Iraqis and Afghani's. They both had their oppressive governments removed thanks to the fine folks in the US military and its partners. No more women kept out of school in Afghanistan, no more rape squads assembled in Iraq. So what was everyone protesting?

A fine question........

Here are some answers-

A complete idiot

Making Marx proud

Someone who missed the results of the primaries

Here are some pictures and comments from the marches in Los Angeles.

Here are some some San Francisco. Needless to say, I am in no hurry to move to the peoples republic of California.

A reader from Allah is in the House "Babs" was at the one in New York, where suprisingly enough, the guy with the Trade Center poster was absent. I would like to see someone schtoopid enough to carry that sign around in New York, I can't imagine he would last very long. Here is an interesting conversation she had with some protestors-

I was carrying the sign that said "Liberating Iraqi Children from Tyranny, It's Co$ting Too Much". The sign has a picture of three Iraqi girls on it. One of the peace marchers came up to me and asked me what my sign meant.
Me: Well, think about it a bit
Him: I have thought about it and I don't understand it
Me: I am a feminist and I have a wish for the Iraqi girls in this photo. You support feminism, don't you?
Him: Yes, absolutely
Me: Well yes, of course, my wish is that these girls have the freedom to be educated. You wish that all women on earth have the freedom to be educated, don't you?
Him: Oh yes
Me: I also wish for these girls that they be given the power to control their lives. You support the notion of women being able to control their own lives, don't you?
Him: Yes!
Me: I wish for these girls to become doctors or teachers or whatever it is that they want to do. You support that don't you?
Him: Yes
Me: Well, that is what my sign is about
He seemed to go away happy!

And the hands down winner of biggest idiotarian poster goes to
this man in New Delhi, India........

Let's see him carry that one around in Basra........

So what I found most interesting from the various reports from around the world at these protests was that everyone was protesting against Bush, the US, capitalism, etc.etc. What I find ironic was that this past week was also the anniversary of the Anfal Campaign, which was when Saddam gassed the Kurds in Northern Iraq and in one day massacred 5,000 people. The fallout from the chemical attack also resulted in thousands of others eventual deaths as well as massive birth defects, and other related problems.

Funny, I don't remember there being a massive protest against Saddam, who actually did kill thousands of innocent people on purpose.

War! What is it good for?!! Besides ending Fascism, Communism, Dictatorships, Slavery, Genocide, ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING!!! Say it again....unh............hmmph. doesn't have quite the same ring to it....

Finally, some from the masters themselves at Cox and Forkum -the first one spells it out for me quite well.

We need to remember that despite the idiots with the Bush=Hitler signs, we are still in a fight against terrorism, and the enemy in Militant Islam hasn't given up.

Update: Elderly Female Photographer trampled by "Peace" Protestors....

Here is the photo evidence......freaking sad....Look at the third picture of these cute college age kids getting ready to charge in the middle, and the poor lady trying to take pictures realizing that these punks are about as peaceful as mardi gras revelers....way to go morons.....

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